Profiting in the cracks between consumers and competitors

The problem that must be studied in the profit rules is: the strategic issue of corporate marketing.

Almost all companies are now planning their marketing strategies, and their marketing strategies range from consumer strategies to competitor strategies. This marketing strategy looks beautiful, it's a big PPT file with numbers and charts. However, such a marketing strategy has no practical significance for corporate marketing. When the enterprise develops, it is a good excuse for a meeting. Once the enterprise marketing encounters a difficult problem, this strategy will turn into a pile of waste paper!

Because such a marketing strategy has a fatal flaw, it firmly believes that only the reaction of consumers and the performance of competitors is the profit point of corporate marketing. Because of the indifference to the profit rules, the marketing strategy has entered a misunderstanding of homogeneity: marketers are not profit points, they are just cost points, and marketers only represent costs in the overall marketing strategy.

In fact, consumers and competitors are the limits of corporate profitability, and only marketers really support the company's profitability.

It is well understood that competitors limit the profitability of companies. What we think about every day is: reduce competitors; stupid competitors; until they are eliminated. Because the competitor determines the relationship between supply and demand, the relationship between supply and demand directly affects the profit of the company. If there is only one TV in the world that the seller needs, then how much do you want to sell?

Consumers limit the profitability of enterprises. In fact, they are well understood. It is just that we shout every day: when customers are the slogans of God, they simply don’t think clearly. Consumers are actually: people who consume material wealth for the needs of production and life. The fundamental factor that consumers limit the profitability of a company is actually the consumer demand that you hang on your lips every day!

The demand of consumers is actually: you can buy what you want, but there are always many things you can't afford. If your market research is real, what consumers lack is money; all marketing plans that believe that they have seized the needs of consumers are actually just a chance! If you calculate how many marketing plans are in the world, how many successes, and how many are really successful because they meet the consumer needs predicted beforehand, you will understand why those who succeed are particularly admired for luck.

To meet the needs of consumers, the fact is: consumers themselves are not sure what their needs are! We are all consumers, assuming that each of us, when filling out any enterprise survey, is like an angel. Truth, but when you watch the video with the Toshiba video recorder, do you know that Ai Du VCD is awkward? When you enjoy the cheapness of pirated VCDs, do you have a need for DVDs? Everyone assumes that the consumer demand is cheap and good, so everyone will fight the price! If the consumer is fixed and consistent, what are you fighting for? The uncertainty and instability of consumer demand greatly consumes the cost of corporate marketing and reduces profits.

Meet consumer needs? Which company you have seen is really making money by discovering and satisfying consumer needs; in fact, those who are truly profitable are making profits by creating consumer demand! The truly realistic marketing strategy is based on the marketer's profit point. The more basic role of this profit point for marketing strategy is to choose a marketing position that can be adhered to. This positioning is not the market positioning of integrated marketing communication, but the positioning of corporate marketing.

Companies that want to make a profit every day by satisfying consumer demand are almost at a loss, and those who are truly profitable are at the same time; here you have to talk about General Electric, and you have a hard time finding "satisfying consumers" in GM's marketing strategy. You can't even see the word "profit" in terms of demand. For GE, everyone is more familiar with "NO1; NO2 - the number one strategy: can not give up in the industry before the second field; this is the strategy of the real marketer; it does not meet the needs of consumers, but you Being ahead of the second can definitely guide consumers' needs; it doesn't talk about competitors' response, but you can face the competition more actively by being ahead of the second; it doesn't talk about profit, but if you understand the reality, I know how much the entire industry's profits have been taken away. This is to choose a position that can be adhered to. You may still think that you are not GE, but the fact is: every industry; every country; every province; every city; even every town has one of the best companies. And each company has its own way of profit, which is to choose a position that can be adhered to.

Those companies that really grasp the rules of profitability; the camp strategy is actually very common, very practical, at least very normal, although these strategies don’t sound like big-handedness, they don’t, they’re not in any way other than the profit rules. And inciting. Their secret is to find their own position in the squeeze of consumers and competitors.

If you really want to achieve a leap from sales to marketing, remember: The strategy that companies must solve is how to make money in the gap between consumers and competitors.

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