"Chinese medicine pillow" is not a "health pillow"

In the pillow stuffed with buckwheat, flowers, Chinese herbal medicines and other fillings, it is called "health pillow", and some sales staff even exaggerated the efficacy of treatment can cure cervical spine, pharyngitis, high blood pressure, insomnia and so on. Experts such as Dong Jingcheng, director of the Chinese Medicine and Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Branch of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, said that even if a Chinese herbal medicine that can cure diseases is added to the pillow, the patient will not be able to sleep on it. Consumers are purchasing this type of medicine. Don't be misled by the business when "health pillows".

Recently, reporters found in some supermarkets in Shanghai that this year's pillows with "health" halls are varied. In a large supermarket on Siping Road, there is a kind of pillow called "buckwheat pillow", special price 29 yuan, and its packaging is marked with the word "health". Ask the female salesperson what health care role? She said impatiently: "It can definitely improve the function of the cervical spine and it is also effective for the treatment of cervical spondylosis." In the summer bedding area of ​​a supermarket in Putuo District, there are several kinds of pillow instructions that clearly indicate that the pillow filling is "chrysanthemum, "Jasmine and other flowers" or "Cassia chinensis and other Chinese herbal medicines", the promotional price of forty or fifty yuan, in addition to promoting the "cool health care" function on the packaging, some salespersons said in the introduction "have a certain degree of pharyngitis, insomnia, etc. Therapeutic effect."

Experts have warned that the health care role of “health pillows” remains to be verified by science. Adding Chinese herbal medicines to the pillow core not only does not have any curative effect, but some may damage the body and cause allergies in the human body. Especially for stubborn chronic diseases such as cervical spondylosis and high blood pressure, it is necessary to rely on the correct treatment of the doctor and the regular exercise of the patient to be effective. Consumers should not expect to sleep under the "health pillow".

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