Crafts furnishings

Crafts furnishings

Many people like to surf the net or go to the craft market to find novel and quirky and beautiful handicrafts with home furnishings. Especially those who use value, but also can play a decorative role in the process of home furnishings food.

There is a secret in the placement of furniture, not a random place. If you look at the chilling images or sad words hanging on the wall every day, you will have illusions and touches. Children's bed posters posters murals should also pay attention to, lively and interesting, inspirational puzzle, pattern image can not have a sense of fear.

1 stove azimuth video sound wealth according to the theory of the Five Elements Health, the Oriental is a wooden, the South is a fire, so the stove should be oriented towards the south Huowang better. In fact, the orientation of the stove towards the east or the south is very much in line with the five elements. Because the fuel used to cook rice in ancient times was nothing more than weeds and branches. When the rice is cooked, it can be easily oriented toward the east and it can easily catch fire. Kitchen stoves must sit on top of one another to achieve feng shui principles. If it is located in Kyrgyzstan, the population at home is healthy and the husband and wife have a harmonious relationship. On the contrary, marriage is full of happiness, often quarrels or frail. Second, the furnishings in the kitchen, such as stoves, dishwashing bowls, and dish racks, must be placed in the correct position. The stove is most vulnerable to being shot by a water tap, it is easy to get diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems. If the bowls and stoves are in a straight line, it will be incompetent and will affect the couple's feelings and health. If the position of the stove is placed in the shape of a ruler (L-shape), it can avoid water and fire, and it also conforms to Fengshui.

2 The headboard is empty, and the lack of a safe bed is used as a place to rest. If the bed is left empty, it will lack security and feel uncomfortable. The so-called voiding means that there is no meaning of backing or backing. When we are asleep or do dill, the body moves around unconsciously and the head may walk out of the bed and get hurt.

3 Window sills make beds, and the crisis has caused many living quarters to use windowsills as beds. This will make the best use of the bed and increase the width of the bed. Although these methods can make full use of the area of ​​the window sill, when they sleep accidentally, they will break the glass or cause human deaths and tragedies. In particular, children's beds should not be too close to the window sill, because they are curious and they are often attracted by things outside the window and look out of the window or climb out of the window frame, causing dangerous accidents. Therefore, the child's bed position is best placed near the corner. At the same time, the windows in the house should not be too much or too low, as long as there is no problem in the indoor air circulation. As the bed is too close to the window, if the window is close to the street, it is like sleeping on the street when sleeping. When thunder and lightning or light is encountered, it may lead to lack of sleep and psychological fear. In fact, feng shui is also psychology and environmental science. As long as the environment is properly adapted to suit Feng Shui, it is not superstitious.

Ceramic products in today's society have long been out of these familiar creations. Nowadays, ceramics for daily use are largely ceramic products to a certain extent, mainly because the overall performance of ceramic products is relatively outstanding. The nature of the use of the process is relatively stable, so it will be greatly sought after by people.

The use of ceramic gift cups in life is more often than the development of ceramic gifts in the society. People basically give some ceramic products to friends and relatives to express their blessings. These ceramic cups and ceramic products There is no lack of high-grade bone china ceramic cup products, especially bone china cups in the current development process of the human body is very little harm, and its production process is more delicate, so it has been widely loved by people.

Generally speaking, auspicious ornaments or pictures such as Fulushou Samsung, Nine Fish, Peony, and Peacock are suitable for each family. Its lifelike shape not only brings good fortune to the home, but also embellishes the home.

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