The effect of pharmacist agate beads

The pharmacist agate beads used to be a mascot and has the function of trading beads and warding off evil. Because the shape is round, it is very suitable for use as a rosary. Especially Buddhist disciples use the pharmacist beads to practice the pharmacist's method, and they can achieve the effect of unity of mind and heart, auspicious and wishful. However, it should be noted that when the pharmacist beaded into a necklace or bracelet, it is best to place a soft bead in the middle to avoid wear.


In addition, it is said that such a bead is the rosary of the pharmacist's buddha, and the pharmacist's bead represents the Buddha's eye. Because the pharmacist Buddhist practice used this bead, it was named. It can be used as a rosary, especially in the pharmacist's method. It has an important position in the religious supplies of Tibetan Buddhism. It is favored by believers and collectors. In ancient Tibetan medicine, the quality of pharmacists can also be done. For medicine. The old Tibetan doctors believe that with the help of some mysterious powers of nature, it is possible to achieve the role of exorcism. The medicinal Buddha holds the rosary, which makes people less troubled, increases life and happiness, relieves troubles, eliminates bad anger, and keeps peace and happiness. It has the meaning of a smooth and healthy auspicious health and is suitable for all kinds of virtues. The pharmacist Buddha is also called the pharmacist, the king of medicine, the twelve kings. It is the title of the leader of the Oriental Glass World. According to "The Pharmacist Liuli Ruyi's Wishes and Mercy", the sun shines through the Bodhisattva and the moonlight shines on the Buddha as the two major threats of the pharmacist Buddha. The Moonlight Bodhisattva and the Nikko Bodhisattva are the first of the innumerable Bodhisattvas, and they are in turn to fill the Buddha's position, and they are able to hold the treasure of the Fa-rectification.

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