Distinction between tourmaline and garnet

Tourmaline and garnet belong to the series of colored gemstones, and the colors are more. The most confusing ones on the market today are red garnet and red tourmaline. These two gems are very similar in color. If you don't know much about gems, then it is difficult for you to distinguish them by the naked eye. But it doesn't matter, I will tell you about the difference between tourmaline and garnet today, I hope to help you.

Difference 1: physical characteristics

There are many colors of garnet, and there are many colors of tourmalines, but the colors of the two are different. The color of the tourmaline will be different, but the color of the garnet is not. The density of garnet is 3.5-4.3 g/cm3, and the density of tourmaline is 3.06 g/cm3. Because of its different density, the garnet will appear heavier if the rules are the same.

Difference two: luster

The luster of garnet and tourmaline is also different. If the interior of the tourmaline is very much crystallized because of the package, we look at it with a lot of beautiful dots and it looks like a glass luster. If it is garnet because it has a relatively thick compression, its internal crystallization is more stable than the tourmaline. We see that the color of garnet is darker and more stable.

Difference three: adsorption

Bismuth and garnet have different electrothermal and piezoelectric properties, so we will feel very strong adsorption after rubbing tourmaline, but garnet has no such adsorption. The use of adsorptive method is the most straightforward identification of the difference between tourmaline and garnet. Moreover, the effects of garnet and tourmaline are different, and the effect can also be judged.

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