Congratulations: Diskin Kay women's brand opened in Chongqing store grand

Autumn is approaching the end of October, Diskin. Kay took the opportunity to seize the opportunity to succeed with the franchisee in Chongqing (Gan Jie) hand. New stores have been opened recently, the new store opened with many gifts, interested friends, and now you can go to the new store to buy.


As a well-known women's brand in Shenzhen, Disney. Kay, in each quarter will recommend to the market N fashion series, for the selection of consumers. Disi. Kai women to achromatic (black, white, gray), earth color (apricot, camel, khaki) as the main color; abstract natural patterns for the auxiliary; pumpkin orange, coral blue and other embellishment; different styles of new products Together, will bring you a different style of fashion.

恭贺:迪斯廷.凯女装品牌重庆新店隆重开业 恭贺:迪斯廷.凯女装品牌重庆新店隆重开业

In the management of Diskin. Kay cherish every partner, understand the hardships of survival! Thanks for each fate, always for the customer service on the work of the first! If you have the intention to join the Disney. Kai family, may wish to leave a message now for the brand companies.

Children Kn95 Face Masks
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How long does a disposable respirator last?
These respirators generally will last about 8 hours or when it becomes too difficult to breathe and are disposable when they no longer offer full protection.

What is the difference between KN95, N95 and FFP2 protection?
Different countries use different codes and numbers to name their Standard of the respiratory face mask. But their 

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N95 (United States NIOSH-42CFR84)

FFP2 (Europe EN 149-2001)

KN95 (China GB2626-2006)

Children Kn95 Face Masks

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