Lace underwear, printing underwear which style look good

We deal with underwear every day, if you do not wear underwear, I believe you will think this way can not go out. Therefore, the role of underwear for women is to make their looks beautiful, a little spirit, will not look shy. But everyone's choice of underwear are different, some people like lace, some people like printing, what kind of look good? Different opinions.


Abstract printing, want to be the kind of complicated and confusing feeling, can not see clearly, impermeable, like a woman's heart, unpredictable. Different shades of green and white and white, forming a beautiful pattern, but also adds a chest of scenery, not just sexy.


Lace, or cute, or elegant, or sexy, when it is used in underwear, perhaps more is to show a sexy. Cup full cup, your full chest will be surrounded by all, but also gathered underarm dew milk at the same time, so that your bimodal more attractive, but sweet pink make it more suitable for young women Oh.

Photo Source: Beauty poetry autumn and winter models

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