Summer Laughter Diary

The hot, leisure long July is approaching, summer vacation time so quietly advent, children can put aside the troubles of the class, happy to play! However, for the father and mother without "summer vacation", the children slowly vacation Where are they going to go ?, Is about to accompany the children bursts of rural areas is still pleasant to relax or play it plan, whether it is magnificent country landscape, or a relaxed and happy travel, how can not be less than a leisurely comfort Vacation trip it? "Laughter laughter" In 2007, France Sourie fully authorized Shenzhen Ruimin Investment Development Co., Ltd. has a large brand rights in China. After the "sourie" brand entered China, it was translated into "joy and laughter" in French according to "sourire", approaching the meaning of Chinese idioms and laughter, and clever use of the festive "fish" in Chinese culture was the homophony of " With "Laughing Laughs Fish" as a cordial and happy Chinese name and "Fish" as an important element of the brand logo, it has become a unique first-rate children's wear brand that integrates French fashion and Chinese culture. "Happy laugh fish" Dress, elegant colors, comfortable style, simplicity and generous elegance revealed, for simple and natural countryside, light as trickle, elegant as faint mountains, naturally into the township Wild scenery, unobtrusive, unobtrusive, but not vulgar. Small fresh and elegant literary temperament so that girls walk in the fields, become another beautiful countryside scene. Wealth Advisor Hotline:

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