What to wear this summer more fashionable What is popular this summer

This summer, bright colors, printing, lace, these feminine elements are synonymous with the goddess. Xiao Bian for you to share this summer must-have 3 sharp pedigree, as long as they are, you can walk all the summer in the forefront of fashion.

Short coat storm ready for your vest line yet?

Whether you are a sportsman or not, the storms of blouses have forced you to focus on tight abdomen. This year's hot short jacket and almost all the Bottoms with the architectural sense of the umbrella skirt is also very personal.

Solid color shirt to create simple and fresh style

White shirt is a single product in the summer never outdated, simple white shirt with denim shorts handsome neat. A few more defeat, used to match different pants and dresses do not feel boring.

Large print skirt publicity personality

Small floral pastoral style is too hypocritical, this year simply bold, to try the enthusiasm of the big print. Printed skirt with a solid color shirt, the color echoed more sense of style.

今年夏天穿什么比较时尚 今年夏天流行什么

  1. Cotton fiber has a good moisture absorption, skin can feel soft and comfortable.
  2. Cotton products are relatively good heat resistance, in daily use can be more casual washing printing and dyeing.
  3. Cotton fiber resistance to ALKALI, easy to wash, disinfection, but also conducive to the cotton textile dyeing, printing and various processes to produce more new clothing styles.
  4. Cotton fiber in flowers is natural fiber, contact with the skin will not have any irritation, but also do not have any negative effect, so we wear cotton products for a long time is also good for the body.

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