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Now this intrigues society too much coy. We are just average ordinary women living in this society, we guard our little piece of heaven and earth, do not expect to have the star's attention, nor to compare the princess's favorite. In our little world, the happiest thing is nothing more than a safe and secure life. Every day, we live quietly. Our happiest thing is good, fiercely fond of myself.

A Jenny to accompany you to see the beautiful summer funky skirts.
Every girl likes flying swagger wantonly, as it is the happiness of the time gathered, bit by bit, slowly piling up. In this hot summer, like a little girl grow up in the bohemian pleated skirts comprehend the beauty of coy. Without this fluttering skirts, presumably this summer will certainly be a lot less aftertaste charm.
Light and elegant in the morning light, morning dew Yingying refraction of light, green lush forest, dressed in blue pleated skirts like this pair of green warm sun picture in the soul. Lin fairy fair woman, dreamlike room to become so.


This entire summer's memory.
When we were young, we all dreamed of one day waking up to the bed and putting on a princess's dress, and then wearing beautiful and beautiful clothes, lifting the skirts in front of a large floor-standing mirror, swinging lightly from side to side, Circle, look in the mirror smiling full of brow himself. At that moment, let the skirt dance, please feel in the sky, immersed in their own joy, we did not notice, the most beautiful blue and the most pure white, through the most intuitive splicing to our elegant And pure performance of the noble princess like general. Lace exquisite portrayal of our temperament so elegant and dignified, with that clean white to show is the best combination of simple and concise performance, spliced ​​in the Finnish chiffon is even more elegant and unparalleled. Intangible, so we became this summer, others in the eyes of the most beautiful landscape.

The beauty of three-dimensional disk, has been lightly frivolous, but this summer, people could not help but be amazed. If Xiquyunyunyue, beauty so indefinable, people can never copy. Black and white, is a pair of eternal classic. Because there is no secret between black and white because they know so much, regardless of each other but not impaired each other together, so that the two colors have found the most suitable attitude. Light gauze black and white three-dimensional plate flower dress undoubtedly perfectly reflects the dirndl flying beauty.

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