Pampered summer printing what pony t-shirt with age reduction

This Year of the Horse has passed by half, and not a horse-year-related clothing? Quickly start, wear out 'lovable pony'. Printed pony pattern is not only the age of youth, fashion unique, still very deep meaning. Exclusive Year of the Auspicious clothing, not yet OUT. Whether chiffon shirt or dress, has its charm.

夏丝 - Sumsilk

With white as the background, the yellow collar, hand sleeves, back stitching, very effective in reducing age, suitable for all kinds of girls. Cute cartoon print pony embellishment, loose version, but it has a thin effect. Korean version of the model, with a small white shorts, fresh art, the horse is about to print pony.

本命年夏季穿什么 印花小马t恤衫减龄搭配

This self-cultivation dress Uno all kinds of white-based color, pattern pony rules distribution, it is eye-catching. Yellow belt outline the charming body curve. Slightly tilted skirt exceptionally three-dimensional type. With a pair of bright color high heels, college wind full of it.

Pictures from: Xia Si women



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