Warmly celebrate Dan Shigeer women's Sichuan Luzhou shop on May 16 grand opening

Warmly celebrate Dan Shigeer women's Sichuan Luzhou shop on May 16 grand opening! As a French brand leading the international fashion and taste unique, in addition to the perseverance of the women's own style and texture of investment, research and development, but also the pursuit of a spirit, a philosophy of life, self-confidence and happiness, fashion and romance. The opening of Luzhou store, Luzhou, Sichuan women will bring more fashion choices.

DANSGER Fashion is one of the sub-brands of Danish Gears International Fashion Group in Hong Kong. Danish Geer brand landed in mainland China in 2001 and incorporated Shenzhen Dansengar Garment Co., Ltd., whose brands include DANSGER and MOOROOM. The Company to create China's most competitive fashion brand women , a vibrant, stylish atmosphere of the office environment, with the most dynamic and innovative design team, is a collection of apparel design, production and sales in one, with advanced management Philosophy and profound cultural heritage of the enterprise.


DANSGER Dan Shigeer high-quality life and the endless pursuit of the United States, the designer accurately extracted, and this is the mysterious and independent French temperament. DANSGER Dan Segal obsessed with personality, but also emphasize women. Different materials and colors of the material between the splicing, collocation, in the urban style to show another design inspiration. Palette of colors freely cruising between black and white, self-cultivation cut out of pride outside the hazy softness. Balance, gradually calm between static and dynamic. Without the anxiety of the avant-garde and without the regularization of the professionalism, it is sensitive to the link between nature and fashion in the choice of color and fabric, and lightens the independence and self-confidence of urban women with ease and sweetness.

Dan Shigeerer, born because of individual independence, after hitting the hubbub of the city, jumped out of unique charm, in the East and the West back through the line, low profile, but ease.

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