Ai music products with the most tide gesture encounter the most real oneself

In a fast-paced society, we often flawlessly focus on the side, and fashion is like a swift wind, the next second do not know where to scratch . Ai on the music brand women , so you can fast-paced urban life , with the most tide attitude encounter the most real oneself .

A blend of art and fashion enhance the unique style, leading a new future avant-garde, a casual pursuit, with casual addition to a stylish melody, to bring you a different fashion experience.

艾上乐品 用最潮的姿态邂逅最真的自己

Ai on the music woman full of fashion sense of design, fine selection of materials, exquisite workmanship, extra emphasis on quality excellence, design simple and highlight the fashion, gather all the details, read every fashionable woman's heart, open the city Flashy and fog, with the most tide gesture encounter the most real oneself .

Rayon is a kind of silky man-made fiber.Rayon fiber is a medium-to-heavy fiber with moderate to good strength and wear resistance. It has hydrophilic properties (moisture regain is 11%). This fiber can be dry-cleaned and can be washed under good care. The static electricity or pilling phenomenon is not expensive.By the way, our company have Tencel and Viscose is fabric with good strength and wear resistance.lightweight tencel rayon Smooth and soft surface.


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