Summer fashion home pajamas summer pajamas what fabric more comfortable

Home dressing gown, as the personal wear worn in home life, has the closest contact with our skin, so it is important to choose a suitable home gown for yourself. Here, Xiaobian give you a few recommended Pandora Duo 2014 home pajamas series.

Nightgown style pajamas, relaxed and casual, especially in the summer wear more breathable, there will be no sticky tired feeling, pink also reflects the perfect skin of the woman rosy, cartoon stitching the edge of the small pattern to highlight the three-dimensional, add Fashionable atmosphere.

夏季时尚家居睡衣 夏天睡衣什么面料比较舒服

Striped elements have always been loved by everyone, the vertical stripes are thin, high effect, using chiffon or cotton fabric to create, whether it is skirt or split suit, can be in the summer for you Bring a cool feeling and good sleep.

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