Colorful Butterfly Women 51 May more than three new store opened successfully

May is the sunny early summer season, colorful butterfly fashion women successfully opened up a number of new stores. During the May Day holiday, colorful butterfly women Foshan Longjiang shop, Hunan Liuyang shop, Guangzhou Guangzhou Dongpu shop have a grand opening, once again refresh the colorful butterfly women's national territory.

Colorful Butterfly Women, a focus on ladies wear brand, show the brand's professionalism. Pure, the performance of the lady's share of pure and clean, the performance of the natural and simple clothing. The city young girl who attracts many young girls favored and followed, and gradually developed into a unique urbanized fashion women's brand , won a good market reputation and brand reputation, the rapid rise of the fashion ladies dress up as a dark horse.

The opening of the three butterfly stores in the new three-color, inspired a climax to join, to bring new experiences to consumers, new stores have shiny debut is the best brand strength testimony, has become the apparel industry to join the preferred brand, the number of franchise stores Straight up, detonated the garment industry end market. Now facing the blank area of ​​the country Recruitment franchisee, who joined the colorful butterfly women, the company will provide its advertising support, the opening guidance, staff training, terminal operations, such as a full range of support, delivery decoration, zero inventory, high performance, colorful Butterfly Women, your choice for the rich!

七彩蝶女装五一欢乐多 三家新店成功开业

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