How to choose a good bedding

How to choose a good bedding

A selected fabric:
The true quality of the fabric is derived from its count and number.
1) The higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn and the better the uniformity of the yarn. The thinner the fabric woven with such yarn, the softer and more comfortable the fabric.
2) The larger the number of roots, the higher the representative density and the more durable, but the higher the cost due to the requirements of weaving technology and the large amount of yarn consumed.
It is recommended that when purchasing bed products, the number of counts is 60 or more, and the number of beds is 300 or more.
BSelect printing and dyeing method
There are two main methods of printing and dyeing cloth, one is traditional paint printing and the other is active printing and dyeing.
1) Active printing In the dyeing and printing process, the active gene of the dye is combined with the fiber molecules to form a chemical reaction, so that the dye and the fiber form a whole, which makes the fabric excellent in dustproof performance, high in cleanliness and high in color fastness. In the printing and dyeing process, the active printing and dyeing does not add azo and formaldehyde, and does not contain substances harmful to the human body.
2) Compared with the appearance of the hand, the difference between the active printing and the printing and dyeing is that the active printing and dyeing fabric feels soft and looks like mercerized cotton. The effect of printing and dyeing is good from both positive and negative aspects; and the fabric of the printed and dyed fabric feels stiff.
It is recommended that you choose to use reactive dyeing at the time of purchase.
C see work
The regular manufacturers have exquisite workmanship, smoothness and no pinholes, while the fake and inferior products have long cable traces, obvious pinholes, and uneven stitches.
D find the package identification
Each product of a regular manufacturer has a corresponding trademark. The trademark has a product model, a washing method, a fabric texture, etc., and has a fixed trademark position.
E fixed color
1) The choice of color should be as harmonious as possible with the indoor environment. The solid color bedding is convenient for the overall home environment.
2) Soft and natural colors are more easily integrated into the overall home environment.
3) Choosing light-colored bedding for the elderly can make them feel refreshed and happy.
4) For those who are irritable, the room should use solid color bedding to relax the spirit and relieve tension.

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