Behind TIMEABLE fashion business men's birth

The current Chinese men's wear is experiencing a trend of formal casual wear. Although the concept of "business casual wear" has been in full swing in China's high-end menswear market, there are still many gaps in the brand's core design issues. The managers of the TIMEABLE brand saw this problem, and the international design force made it unique.

Cui Guangdeng, male, Ph.D. in clothing from Hongik University, Korea, has worked on product planning and design work for a number of Korean and Chinese apparel companies since 1989. He also worked at Chungcheong University, Shinchu University, Sejong University, and Hiroko. Adjunct professors and market sales lecturers in universities and colleges such as Yi University. He is in charge of all the work of the TIMEABLE product from the previous planning to the completion of the garment.
In Choi Kwang-tung's eyes, clothing is also an artwork. TIMEABLE can perfectly combine art and fashion through diverse designs, adding a bright spot to world culture through fashion apparel. It will combine the popular elements pursued by the whole world and the design. Through the combination of globalization, it will convey a leading fashion sense to people and make people gain more self-confidence through the differentiated fashion.

Easy to match business menswear
At present, in the men's section of the domestic “business casual” positioning, there is a phenomenon of product homogenization. Some people pointed out that, without solving the problem of the development ability of single product and series products, any brand can not fundamentally solve the core issues of product design, and "plate type" is one of the main factors.

The truly successful design is when you see a piece of clothing hanging there, you can recognize its board style, and even the designer's age and level, corporate technology profile and other behind the unknown. Cui Guangdun believes that Koreans pay more attention to clothing and fashion than their Chinese counterparts. In terms of color matching and slimming, Cui Guang Dun has accumulated rich experience.
TIMEABLE uses a concise and calm style to create fashion, with a fit-to-fit version, minimalist design, and fun-filled tones that emphasize men’s precision, sophistication, and style. The same is true for new season products. Cui Guangdun revealed to reporters in advance the design concept of new spring and summer 2014. It continues the TIMEABLE2013 autumn and winter product ideas, mainly men and women business casual, divided into three themes.
"Nine to Five" describes office workers living nine-to-five, business-oriented, suitable for work wear. It is still a sensible business casual wear, chic tailoring, pay attention to the fabric and wear, the style is just right to show the fashion and fashion, but without losing the other party's respect and etiquette. Most of the clothes used are natural fabrics, such as wool and cotton, which convey the feeling of intimate contact with nature and are extremely comfortable in dress. It combines the high-end fabrics and designs imported from Europe, South Korea and Japan, and uses differentiated accessories to make the products more unique.

"Play Business" is more relaxed and dynamic. It is a dynamic fashion casual wear that advocates playing with the mentality of enjoying work. It can wear business men's fashion style, play a man's personality, show a unique self. The unsmiling business people wear uniform suits for years, and the same styling does not make people feel the season and feel the season. Influenced by the trend of “business and leisure”, the creative design gives business people an easy-to-work reason, and Siga Plus casual or jeans is a surprise for men this season.
Some people say that a person's life must have at least one love and a trip that he can walk away. In this way, traveling to this bustling world is a worthwhile trip. In summer, people will always find ways to make use of all the rest time to arrange a holiday trip. Even if it is just a short weekend trip, they can keep them away from the city. The TIMEABLE 2014 spring-summer product "Go? Go!" series features the concept of summer vacation. Tropical, marine, splicing and comfortable fabrics are all elements of this theme product.
Although the themes of the three series of TIMEABLE new products for Spring/Summer 2014 are different, their products can interpenetrate each other and can be matched with each other. This is the philosophy and uniqueness that TIMEABLE has always advocated. Cui Guangdeng said that TIMEABLE is known for its product mix, while other men's brands rarely do so. For example, in 2013 autumn and winter products, a pair of two wear vests, the outer two sets can be positive and negative wear, there are four ways to wear. This stylish and fun design has won the favor of many consumers.

Looking forward to the future of the Chinese menswear market <br><br> Since joining the job, Cui Guangdun has gone out with his family to “examine the market” every weekend. Department stores, museums, art galleries, and uniquely decorated restaurants are all places he frequents. Because his wife is also engaged in the design work of a women's brand company in South Korea, Cui Guangdun can also obtain popular information when communicating with her; in addition, he can also find designs from local cultural features when he goes to Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong, China and other places. inspiration.
Cui Guangdun believes that the current Chinese men's clothing market is in the process of adjustment and reshuffling. The global economy is not very booming, and China is the same. Clothing sales also have a downward trend. However, the Chinese market has its uniqueness. "For a long time, the men's wear on the Chinese market has been overpriced and there are not many brands that can meet the needs of consumers. They are not very interested in the products because there is no fundamental change in the products of each brand. Generally, people will not buy commodities at a normal price, but will go to purchase when they are discounted, so the mall will continue to discount and form a vicious circle."

“After the reshuffle period, the Chinese apparel market will grow at a faster rate because Chinese consumers have stronger consumer desires and their demands for style will be more bold.” said Cui Guangdun.
TIMEABLE was born during the shuffle and is optimistic about the future after the reshuffle period. It provides added value through traditional and exquisite production processes from South Korea and Europe, and forms a global production system with its own factory with 20 years of production experience, which guarantees good quality. In Cui Guangdun's view, beauty is not just a woman's nature, men can also. TIMEABLE allows men to wear style, wear unique, wear men's beauty. Because of the dream of creating men's clothing, TIMEABLE was born; because men's life, work, and social networking increased the likelihood of more beauty, they were persistent in designing; because they wanted to wear men's clothes to express their own personal qualities, they increased their fabric affinity.

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