Preventing problems before they interpret the two major considerations for driving in winter

The weather is getting colder, and it is very easy for a car to have a cold and a fever. In order to improve and extend the life of the car, you must follow the rules and care. Below Huashang Auto Glass will introduce you to some winter driving skills and precautions.

First, the car glass cleaner does not replace the water

When the temperature is low, whether it is in the process of driving or in the morning, the surface of the automobile glass is easy to form a thick mist, so it must be solved by the wiper glass cleaning function. If the usual sloppy and careless, the car glass cleaning function failure, especially when the fault occurs on the road, or even due to the fog attached to the car glass, a safety accident.

When cleaning car glass, special car glass cleaner or alcohol mixed water should be used. The purpose of this is to improve the antifreeze ability and cleaning power, and to reduce the fog on the glass surface of the car. If the rider uses ordinary tap water, it is not only easy to freeze when it is cold, but also breaks the detergent pot and the water spray motor due to the increase in the volume of the ice. Even more troublesome is the short circuit of the spray motor. Wear insurance and relays, which will cause other electrical functions that share the same power supply to fail, so please don't ignore this small liquid. The correct method of use will save a lot of trouble.

Second, the car wiper should also be frozen

Although the wiper is small, its role in bad weather is very important. Since the normal operation of the wiper is necessary to ensure clear line of sight and safe driving, it is very important to regularly inspect and maintain the wiper. Some car owners save time by using a wiper antifreeze instead of a special car glass cleaning solution. In fact, this kind of troublesome practice can damage the car glass cleaning system and the paint of the vehicle.

In addition, silicone traces on automotive glass cannot be removed. Therefore, do not use silicone-containing polishes on automotive glass. Do not use solvents, benzine or paint thinner to clean the wiper blades. If you find that the wiper blade is hard, brittle or cracked or will apply dirt to the car's glass, be sure to replace it with a new one.

In addition to the necessary checks, some equipment that needs to be prepared in advance is also worth noting. Gloves, winter clothes, dry cloth, tweezers, sunglasses and fire extinguishers, which are usually not concerned, may be of great help to drivers in the harsh winter environment.

Winter is a season that is prone to accidents. Huashang Auto Glass reminds the majority of riders not to take it lightly. In order to prevent it from happening in a correct and effective way.

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