How to classify red sapphire color

Red sapphire

Color: refers to the color of the gemstone under natural light.

Since the light source has a great influence on the color of the red sapphire, the method for observing the classification of the red sapphire is clearly as follows:

1. Place the gemstone under a white background;

2. Observed from the gem table;

3. Observe the ruby ​​under natural light.

Usually the more pure and rich the ruby ​​color, the higher the quality and the higher the value. After combining various factors affecting the color of red sapphire, we divided the red sapphire into five levels, including ruby, red, medium red, light red, and light red. Consumers can simply grade the ruby ​​color by simply comparing the five levels of ruby.

When grading colors, it is necessary to consider the effect of uniformity of color distribution and anti-fire (internal reflection light caused by cutting) on ​​the grading of ruby ​​color. Usually, they can raise or decrease the color level of red sapphire by one sub-level.

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