Lady + neutral interpretation of a simple and capable female beauty

Ben Wang December 12th, neutral style is a fashion element that is popular every season, and this winter comes back to us with a more evolved appearance. It is not only the thick and well-conformed styles that can be used to dedicate neutral outfits. The focus of this season is on the elements of men and the style of the ladies. It is a simple and elegant style. Let's take a look at this style of collocation skills.

Simple and atmospheric, a long version of the coat, loose version of the type, wearing a solid color sweater and printed skirt, showing a new range of children.

. Simple and versatile long jacket, no collar design, ladies dress inside the knit dress, and then tied the belt, emphasizing the waist line of the coat.

Decent long woolen jacket, V-neck double-breasted design, simple and elegant, soft chiffon shirt and jeans mix, mix and match the neutral and female beauty, show the metropolitan sense of mature.

Temperament version of the long coat, showing the style of temperament is also highlighted, sleeves and waist have a strap design, wearing a camel dress, highlighting the elegant charm.

British Van full double-breasted coat, midfield version, simple but also significant temperament, inside Plaid dress, take stockings and high heels, interpretation of the mix and match charm. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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