Summer Men's Fashion Trends "Shoes" cool and stylish

Ben Wang said on August 1st that the shape of a pair of slippers and T-shirt is too fashionable. How can it be cool and stylish? This is indeed a problem. However, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It is better to look at what shoes are popular this summer.

The first is the Espadrilles. First of all, because the material is soft, so it is almost possible to "kick" it. There are no big problems with the sun, the rain, the wind and the rain. The second is to wear it very comfortable and cool, because usually this kind of shoes is not wearing socks, so many people like it in summer. Plus this year's hot shoes, with shorts or pants can be very stylish. But don't forget to wear socks. Even if you wear them, you don't see them.

Another hot shoe is the Roman sandal (Gladiator) that has been transformed from women's clothing. Although many people think that this kind of shoes has the shadow of women's wear, she wears her mother and other bla bla. But don't forget that Gladiator was first dressed by gladiators, were they very motherly, and it was only later that they became women's clothes.

However, when buying Roman shoes, be sure to personally try it out, because the sandal shoe type, the exposed part of the distribution and size, with the width and so on have a direct impact on the final visual effect. Some shoes may look beautiful, but they are worn on the feet and found to be common or difficult to see.

Prosperous styles in recent years are probably Oxford shoes. After all, it is not cool all the time, but it always requires some more formal feeling. Or if your day's activities are arranged indoors, keeping warm is also very important.

And Oxford shoes in the summer with a relatively simple, folding jeans with a T-shirt or shirt, you can deduce a different feeling, in addition can be colored socks, you can have a more jumpy feeling, plain or patterned Socks are optional. In addition to the more conservative combination of trousers, you can also wear shorts and wear socks or layers to show a more stylish feeling, but be sure to make sure your calves are small enough and long enough, otherwise it is easy It looks short and thick.

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