Continuation of the girlhood K · Pure taste by the show girl gesture

The best part of a woman's life is in her teenage days, full of bright visions and expectations of the future under her youthful and beautiful stances. K · purely show the women's major girl series, despite the age can not control, but the young attitude can be in their own hands, no old face, only young mentality, in the 20,30,40-year-old these three stages, K Pure show will let you have a unique memory.


Hyun beauty printing is the main element of this year, K · purely follow the trend of women and follow the trend of innovations, combined with the plot of the girl's mentality, will be more sweet filled its. This print dress with lace butterfly lace at the neckline stitching, pink belt full slender waist, neat skirt curvature rounded, the romantic girlhood at an exhibition.

延续少女情怀 K·纯依秀品味少女姿态

Very famous ethnic colors of printing and dyeing highlight the youthful personality, the bright yellow Peter collar collar to the young and lovely appearance, delicate lace pattern covered in the skirt, enveloped the slim body, the hollow shape of the original color faintly India Through, a strong sense of hierarchy highlight the three-dimensional effect, clever combination of color strokes, young atmosphere can not cover the fragrance of girls.

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