Summer hole shoes knowledge

Summer hole shoes knowledge In the summer, many people like to wear hole shoes. Does the hole-hole shoes have any harm to our feet? Xiao Bian here to share with you a little knowledge of hole shoes \ (^ o ^) / ~

Hole hole shoes disease hazard Dr. Hilary Brenner, spokesperson for the American Academy of Podiatry and New York City foot disease surgeon, said that due to the structure and material of hole shoes, water is easy to accumulate, and moisture is not easily absorbed and evaporated by shoes. The shoe hole above it can only help the foot to breathe, and most need breathable and dry feet, but it is not protected. Therefore, regular wear will lead to moist and warm feet, providing a breeding ground for fungi. Especially in the market, dozens of dollars of holes and shoes, mostly plastic materials, breathability and even not as good as ordinary shoes. Adhesive shoes glue and shoe dyes may contain harmful chemicals, have a certain irritation to the skin, and plastic permeability is worse, sweat can not evaporate as soon as possible, it may induce contact dermatitis.

Hole shoes can not be worn to work Although "hole shoes" has been very popular, but sometimes work to wear hole shoes, it still looks a bit serious, and more importantly, "hole shoes" really is not suitable for indoor wear, especially People who are prone to sweating. If you just sit in the office, the shoes will not reach the exhaust effect at all, but will put your feet on the upper and have a wet feeling. This is a precursor to bacteria breeding! And with the evaporation of sweat, holes in the shoes will feel hot and hot. The creamy feel inside the shoes may even make you feel inconvenience after standing up.

How to wear hole shoes experts pointed out that the choice of hole shoes reason is based on people in the outdoors when the feet and uppers will from time to time generate a distance, air in the feet and holes in the flow, so as to reach the effect of ventilation. It is even more important to know that hole shoes are suitable for outdoor wear, but not for barefoot wear.

In order to prevent toenail fungal infections and athlete's foot, Dr. Brunner recommends the following simple measures:

1. Don't wear it naked. When wearing hole shoes, it is best to wear double cotton socks, which can absorb sweat, antibacterial and anti-beriberi.

2. Light salt water foot bath. After wearing outdoor shoes, you can use light salt water to help prevent fungal infections. About 100 grams of salt is added to 3.8 liters of warm water and the feet are soaked for 10-15 minutes.

3. Can not wear on rainy days. If you go out in the event of a rainy day and the ground is muddy, it is best to wear a shoe with a heel and no holes to prevent mud and moisture from entering the shoes and causing fungal infections.

4. Seek medical attention if necessary. If the foot becomes odor, suspected to be caused by a fungal infection, use tea to soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes, add 6 tea bags and add water to boil, and allow your feet to warm to the end of the day. If symptoms do not improve, seek medical attention.

Therefore, if you want your feet to be cool and healthy, the hole shoes should be worn correctly, the holes must be worn on the shoes, and the holes in the summer shoes must be known.

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