Summer mash-ups boom sneakers return favored

Ben Wang, July 29 hearing, with the return of the sportsmanship, the streets of this summer can be seen everywhere sports fans tide outfit. In the first phase of following the sport, if you have already bought oversize sports T-shirts. Then in the second stage, Xiao Bian's strongly recommended single product is sports tidal shoes. Comfortable and stylish sports shoes are definitely a must-see item this summer!

Casual street style:

A cute and playful baby-inspired printed strap dress with a casual high-waisted T-shirt, the uninhibited glamour of streetwear is instantly displayed. Through the waist curve that appears on the side of the strap skirt, there is an undefinable little wildness. At the same time, the cool flat-brimmed hat is matched with the same color sports shoes, greatly improving the overall fashion and sports style.

Sweet equipment? Convex Europe shake??

The Prominent Prosperity ? ? 涑 涑 呐 呐 腥瓤悖 腥瓤悖 腥瓤悖 腥瓤悖 腥瓤悖 腥瓤悖 腥瓤悖 腥瓤悖 腥瓤悖 腥瓤悖 腥瓤悖 腥瓤悖 腥瓤悖 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣 佣The Royal High-Tech Security Center boasts a strong security system that allows users to combine the benefits of light and bright G-shaped Cannes.

Trend sports children:

The wide black pullover and matching knit hat are undoubtedly the model of trend sportswear. In addition, a pair of skirts printed with a playful "pizza" pattern broke the traditional trousers standard. How can such a stylish trend dress up to an antic finish? A pair of thick-soled black lace sports wind shoes, let us see the essence of the fashion sports style.

Fashion personality range:

Full of personality with a small black suit with black and white intersecting shirt, and then with a sexy leather skirt as a lower body with the overall effect of the eye-catching look very good. Even more surprisingly, Xiaobian's surprise is that dress up has broken the traditional idea of ​​wear and choose to mix and match with flat-bottom sports shoes. Different styles that are far apart from each other collide with each other. Not only are they unobtrusive, but they also bring a sense of freshness to the dress.

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