Only Jane ONLY SIMPLE Women will be next month, Shenzhen Garment Fair gorgeous appearance

Only simple brand women from Italy, exquisite fabrics in the faithful to the spirit of the brand under the premise of landscaping enhance the product, pay attention to each cut, meticulous to each button the use of shape and color, and strive to perfect each piece, Carefully carved. Only Jane 2013 summer design is still adhering to the personality and fashion Mix & Match's brand spirit, the fashion, comfort, femininity, leisure perfect integration of the four, advocating a harmonious culture, advocating simplicity, creating the perfect mix and match new art philosophy.


Sleeveless jacket seemingly messy but careful looking is a flying eagle, ferocious animal pattern this season to IN, out of the youthful attitude, if your wardrobe is not a single product of animal patterns, it can be Oh, out, simple and concise with shorts!

唯简ONLY SIMPLE女装将于下月深圳服装展华美亮相

Top big name invariably color definition, so that "electric light blue" in the fashion circle to Riep-like speed, blue thorough and deep with white sleeveless top, two solid color splicing allows you to instantly release fashion gas field .

唯简ONLY SIMPLE女装将于下月深圳服装展华美亮相

Smooth sense of summer clothing exudes lightweight translucent feeling, black and white with classic but unconventional, metal sense of the choice of the original slightly monotonous look added a lot of beautiful ~

July 11-13 only lady will be the 13th China 2013 Shenzhen Garment Show gorgeous debut, when the wonderful fashion show staged, welcomed the majority of dealers intends to come to communicate the customer, share the audio-visual feast.

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