Comfort is "new" meaning that Anne leads children to find the natural taste

The hot sales of Annai's children's clothing reflect the mothers' pursuit and value for the comfort and safety of children's wear.
In early summer, the smell of hot summer heat can be heard in the air. The dazzling summer dresses in the mall are dazzling, and the children's wear area is even more daunting. After spending a small peak of sales for May Day, Children’s Day is again ushered in. Children’s clothing brand stores are busy replenishing products, applying new products, and creating a new round of discounts to attract consumers. The person in charge of An Nai’s marketing department introduced that “the sales of Spring and Summer in May 1st Golden Spring Weekly was excellent. The percentage of sales increased by double digits compared to the same period of last year, and will soon come again in June to respond to the new round of sales. At the peak, all regions have prepared sufficient volume."

The hot sales of Annai's children's clothing reflect the mothers' pursuit and value for the comfort and safety of children's wear. The reporter interviewed a number of young mothers at the counter of Annat. They believe that in summer, children's clothes are worn less and less, and they are prone to sweat. If the personal clothes are not selected properly, the skin health of the children will be affected. When purchasing children's summer clothes, parents will use the comfortable, breathable, and environmentally friendly fabric as the first purchase standard. Experts point out that pure cotton fabrics are widely used in children's clothing fabrics for their comfort, sweat absorption, etc. Next, natural materials such as hemp, silk, and knit are also good choices. In addition, the green pattern printing and dyeing process is also to ensure the safety of children's clothing. The essential.

In the children's wear brand, fabrics are used as exemplary children's clothing of Anai. The latest season's spring and summer products are worthy of our careful study. In 2013, Anal children (0-4 years old) series products were newly launched, with the natural, elegant and simple image of “觅”. While many brands in the industry are welcoming consumers with their children's clothes, An Nai always insists on the needs of mothers and children and provides them with the most comfortable wearing experience.

"We control the formaldehyde content of the fabric very strictly. The children's wear fabrics used in the production are based on the GB 18401-2003 "National Basic Safety Technical Code for Textile Products," the highest standard, namely the A-type quality and quality control system, and select high-quality fabrics. According to Wang Jianguo, production director of Aneren who is responsible for quality control all the time, in pursuit of a high degree of comfort and safety for children's clothing, Aner designers have always maintained a tradition of selecting high-quality fabrics, such as high-cost high-density fabrics. "Annaer has continued to use for several seasons, especially in spring and summer 2013. It has used 70-80 counts of yarn and high-quality long-staple cotton with a yarn length of 33mm or more, making the fabric softer and lighter." Exquisite, so that summer clothes breathable and sweat-absorbent better. Experienced mothers can clearly feel the difference between them and ordinary cotton fabrics.

Generally, children's clothing products are more colorful than adult clothing. Designers also try to use children's sunshine energy with fancy colors. However, behind the beautiful appearance, there are often some unsafe factors hidden in order to achieve anti-wrinkle, flame retardant. , anti-shrinkage and other effects, and to maintain the durability of printing, dyeing, companies in the fabric production process will be added with formaldehyde-containing dyeing auxiliaries and resin finishing agents, which is the root cause of clothing harm to children's health. “Some children’s clothes look extremely fancy and their color patterns are particularly rich. However, the printed part is hard to touch, and there are traces of bleaching. This kind of clothing reminds parents not to buy, because often such clothing hides a lot of formaldehyde. , endless trouble." Wang Jianguo revealed to reporters.

“How to maintain the safety of printing and dyeing during processing is a process technology that we have been researching. Later, we discovered that using advanced pattern printing and dyeing techniques such as water slurry and slip, we can dye almost natural colors. High standards, high security colors and patterns, this is the most perfect solution we have found. It is soft, simple and full of nature. It is great!” Wang Jianguo showed the pattern fabrics printed and dyed with water slurry and slurry. It feels different from the glue-printed fabric, which is more delicate and soft, and this technology can make the fabric more comfortable and breathable.

In summer, the children's personal clothing mothers are also concerned about the "fade." This involves the problem of instability in the color fastness of garments. In order to resolve this insecurity, Anel chose "dyed fabrics" with high environmental protection standards. This type of fabric is first dyed with reactive dyes and then woven. It is fully equipped with the characteristics of excellent color, outstanding color fastness, and safety and environmental protection. Using this kind of fabric to interweave with the blank yarn to “build” the imitation knitted denim, let it not only retain the chic fashion of the denim, but also remove the trouble of discoloring the denim clothing and serve two purposes.

“Ocean Green”, “Deep Blue”, “Starry Brown” and “Shellshell Powder”... It is not difficult to see from the types of color of clothing in the spring/summer 2013 season. Using advanced technology, An Nair has skillfully handcuffed nature. The natural colors have been imaginatively kneaded and successfully created the unique "artwork" of Anne.

There is more to this point than the carefulness, and the sense of comfortable wearing depends on whether the details are fine enough. In order to give the child a more comfortable tactile feeling, Anne's designers have specially adopted the “to-sew-to-sew” process. After completing the first lane of the garment stitching, the burrs are rolled inwards, hidden, and a car line is made. Stitching to achieve the same smooth and comfortable inside and outside effect. It is worth mentioning that the buttons used in the Anal children's series are all made of sleek and natural shells. Each one is unique, cute and cute, and it can care for the baby's skin health. The designers are well-intentioned.

“As long as the customer who buys Anne's clothes will say, 'His clothes are comfortable to wear!'” a customer who had just bought clothes from Anne’s family told reporters that he was already an old friend of Anne, the child. Wearing Anne's clothes since the age of six, she is now in her second year of elementary school. It's not surprising to boast about Anal from the customer's lips, to be able to "comfort" to the extreme, to give the child the most considerate care of the clothes, Anne is undoubtedly doing the best, this is also called "the most real" customer experience Service.

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