How to bring a wig? Online shopping wig precautions

You may like all kinds of good-looking clothes, choose the one that suits you, and make your own beautiful and beautiful. Have you ever thought about hair and can also DIY, yes, now wig fashion is also applying this fashion trend. With a personalized wig and stylish clothes, do you feel that you are like a person, different, full of personality, full of vigor. Wigs and costumes complement each other. Here is a brief introduction to the wearing method of wig:

1. First put the hair net from the top of the head to the neck.

2. The hair net has a ring with the elastic band facing down, and the other one is facing up.

3, the side of the elastic belt to suppress their own hair, do not let their real hair ran out, and the other side to lift up, put your hair in the hair net, do not pile together, so as not to wear After the wig will be uneven.

4, the hair is evenly spread in the hair net inside, the top of the mouth is placed on the head just fine, no special fixation. If you feel that the hair net is shrinking, you can also use a flat hair clip or a small steel clip to fix it.

5, the wig is worn after going to the back, and then adjust it. There are two size adjustment buckles on the inner side of the wig. There is a strip of cloth in the middle of the two buckles. There are several small squares on the cloth strip. Please adjust according to the size of your head. Buckle it in.

6, Liu Hai can naturally get it

7. Find two small protrusions on the two sides of the wig. Check whether the position of the wig is correct. Hold it with your thumb and forefinger, pull down and adjust the position of the wig.

8. When you are finished wearing it, you can grab a few wigs on your head and get a fluffy effect. Now online shopping has become a fashion choice for young people, and online shopping wig is one of the important ways to love MM, so what should be paid attention to online shopping wigs? Please see me to buy for you.

1 Find a good seller how to see the seller is good, you can look at his evaluation, if you buy more people, there are many people who have written more detailed product evaluation, then the seller's credit is relatively reliable if everyone All said that his things are good, then the quality of the goods is still relatively good, so remember to see how other people evaluate, this is really important for online shopping.

2 merchandise is best to have a physical map, it is better to have a real shot wearing effect map. If it is not the actual wearing effect, but the model map used by N sellers online, then I suggest that you better ask the seller to Physical map to see the details of the fake scalp and other parts.

3 If you just wear it casually, don't ask for too real effect, you don't need to use it many times. Then a wig of 20 yuan and 30 yuan can also be bought and played. But if you want the effect to be natural, the quality can be used for a long time. It is recommended to consider more than 100 yuan. This is a valuable experience, not too cheap!

4 wigs generally need some accessories, such as: hair net, steel comb, small hair clips, some of these sellers will send, some have to buy, anyway, the first time to buy wig MM, remember to bring these Come back, you have to wear the wigs well, but they are indispensable.

5 The last one, whether online or offline, may be useful: choose a hair style that suits your face, don't pursue a wig that is too long, because a long wig is not easy to take care of.

One more final, huh, oh, the topic of wigs is always endless, it’s really the last, let’s see how to choose the wig that suits you:

Round face: You can choose some to cover the crotch, so that the length of the face is expressed, making its plump face look petite.

Coconut round face: You can choose some bangs for four or six or three or seven slits. The overall large wave type wig, using smooth lines to set off the bottom of the forehead, will make the whole face look vivid and streamlined.

Square face: This type of face must pay attention to the woman, if negligent, it will expose their shortcomings, so try to choose some of the two sides of the lower level, a little curly hair will make the face look softer and many will make women more gentle charming

Diamond face: It is best to choose medium and long hair style, and the forehead part can be fluffy, and the lower jaw is full of hair style, so the overall feeling will be very harmonious.

Look at your skin color, match the color of the wig

White: Although the white skin color is natural, if the color of the wig is not properly selected, it will make you look unhealthy but light brown red. The reddish and soft color of light brown will make your face ruddy. And angry

Yellowish: The skin color is yellowish. You can use natural black, deep brown and other darker colors, which will make the yellowish skin look white. Many million reject the yellow hair color, which will make the skin that is not good looking even more ugly.

Natural skin tone: This skin is the best, looks healthy and shiny, and has a wide range of choices for hair color, such as yellow brown red wine, deep purple deep coffee, all are suitable

Black: The skin pigmentation is serious, which will make the skin look dull and dull. In the hair color, some natural black and dark orange should be used to make the face look brighter.

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