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FEXATA brand was born in the dreamlike elegant left bank of France, the brand has been exploring new fashion vision, the concept of French modern elegance through the shops, brands and various series of apparel products for the urban personality women mix and match, personality, sexy fashion women . Xiao Bian today to introduce several summer FEXATA brand new products for your summer to add some vitality!

斐格思 - FEXATA

Burning flowers is a popular hot spot this year, this made into a delicate pattern of burning flowers, soft, elegant, do not have some flavor, collar slightly hit the color to create cute cute visual effects. When the small fresh meet retro intellectual, your charm will show you.


Shirt dress design, set the shirt and skirt in one, minus a lot of wear troubles. Use the band of gorgeous gem flowers fabric, hit the color collar and door tube is now the most popular design techniques, coupled with irregular skirt highlights the freedom of personality, modified leg lines, so beautiful legs look more slender charming .


This section is the combination of net yarn and chiffon, the former Bra-style curved design, can well show the feminine curves of the chest, the collar pointed metal trim more valuable sense. Hem wood side design, femininity index absolute straight soared.

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