Sefon Chen Feng brand was invited to attend 2013 Shenzhen Fashion Show

Shenzhenshixing Thai monsoon Clothing Co. will be 11-13 July 2013 to bring its brand Sefon Chen Feng, women participate in the Shenzhen International Brand Clothing & Accessories Fair, the exhibition number: 9A06,9A07,9B08,9B09, Hall No: Hall 9

臣枫 - séfon


Shenzhenshixing Thai monsoon Clothing Co., Ltd. Chen Feng's Sefon women's brands , tracing female fashion requirements from the multi-faceted, with high-quality fabrics, excellent workmanship, colorful design elements very fashionable clothing, elegance In a little noble, gentle with a little gentle, a little formal gorgeous, in line with the multi-faceted taste needs.

Exhibition number: 9A06,9A07,9B08,9B09

Hall number: Hall 9

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