Suffer fashion women's forest girl's favorite

"Forest girl", referred to as "Mori girl" refers to the age of 20, living in the enjoyment of the moment of happiness, not advocating brand-name, like wearing a forest out of the natural style. To not make, naive, natural lifestyle is recognized by everyone! "Mori girl" dressed, lifestyle, etc., more close to the kind of relaxed feeling in the forest.


"Forest girl" gentle temperament, like to wear comfortable texture clothing and respect for nature, are not free to chase craze fashion, "Mori girl" in the dress on the preference for multi-level ethnic style, loose cotton garden skirt and then match the knit material small objects, Color is also mostly earth colors and warm colors, "lace" "embroidery" "Doll collar" as a decoration. Women's clothing line material generally used cotton, linen and other comfortable fabric clothing.

素言时尚女装 森林系女孩的最爱

Suanmi fashion women specifically for the Sen Girl Department of the girls to create, fresh and elegant colors, comfortable and comfortable tailoring, with a slight sense of lady and ethnic style, even if she is not the most luxurious dress, but it is the most attractive landscape!

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