Taiwan embroidery TGGC cutting-edge brand women's spring and summer trend of new elements: irregular design

Taiwan embroidery (TGGC) is a cutting-edge fashion brand women's . Targeting the current advocacy of low-key luxury women groups, the pursuit of not only eye-catching exaggerated costumes, but also on the intrinsic quality of fashion has a unique pursuit. Inspired by the international trend of the forefront of design inspiration, and the contemporary art has a close feeling.


The main color of the blue and green floral print dress is to undertake the fashion design and pure art of the carrier, and is flesh and blood. Her outward appearance is bold and gorgeous, while the hem irregular design has a strong sense of fashion architectural style.

台绣TGGC尖端品牌女装 春夏潮流新元素:不规则设计
Calm dark blue shows her inner world is romantic, independent, at the same time have the era of multi-faceted women's emotions. The long, short hem front design not only shows the beautiful legs more fashion sense.

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