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Embroidery painting
The perfect combination of embroidery and Chinese painting gives the art a different beauty.

Chinese painting has a long history and is associated with human beings. It faithfully records human emotions, psychology and behavior. It is an important part of Chinese traditional culture and the most precious and splendid artistic heritage in the history of five thousand years of Chinese civilization. It is the history of ancient painting masters who will work hard and life into the composition, image and color created, as we walked into the dreamlike beauty of the temple, enjoy its profound, colorful historical connotation and cultural landscape , Can not only increase knowledge, improve taste, beauty of the true meaning, but also cultivate sentiments, spiritual and physical, get the United States to enjoy. The Complete Collection of World Famous Paintings in China takes the five thousand years of fine art masterpieces from China as a source of income, vividly and truly shows masterpieces of famous masters, collecting and observing copy books, cultivating their temperament, purifying their minds, improving their taste and qualities . With the passage of time, but also shows its appreciation value, historical value, academic value, cultural value and collection value. Chinese painting can be roughly divided into: figures, landscapes, boundary paintings, flowers, fruits, Lingbi, insects and other painting department.

Embroidery painting

Embroidery painting

As the traditional craft of our country, embroidery has more than 2000 years of history and now it is listed as intangible cultural heritages. Has been recognized by many countries, all over the world.
Combination of painting and embroidery, but also a different meaning, if you have a good painting, you can make it more valuable and meaningful, then let it become a combination of traditional Chinese painting and embroidery art, both show the author's skills , Has demonstrated a variety of clever acupuncture, the painting in the real and illusory combination, with the actual situation of ink and wash with a strong contrast
"Painting embroidery" is a kind of art that is derived from painting and reproduces the painting through the medium of living material such as "sewing thread". The unique value of "painting embroidery" lies in the reference and development of traditional Chinese folk culture such as "Harem Red" to the mainstream culture and exotic culture.

 Islamic embroidery

Embroidery painting

"Painting embroidery" is a kind of half-embroidery and half-finished embroidery, and the art of painting is matched with the embroidery craft to make the work more realistic and realistic in texture, and the painting and embroidery are considered to be similar in ancient times. Zhang Yanyuan  from the "famous paintings in ancient history", describing the king of Zhao Zhao Wu Ren not only unique in painting and calligraphy, but also to needle on behalf of the pen, "Ten Spring" to reproduce the calligraphy and painting look brilliant. ".

Embroidery painting

Embroidery paintings mainly in the Song Dynasty calligraphy and painting, because the Song Dynasty calligraphy and painting has always been respected by Chinese literati, its artistic attainments irreplaceable. The neat and tidy painting style of the Song Dynasty is very suitable for the production of embroidery. Using the famous painter's paintings of the time as the embroidery script, it almost became the manifestation of all embroidery forms.

Embroidery painting

Handmade Embroidery Painting

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