Free bird naked pink single product soft and elegant like lily bloom

Freebird has been designing the fashion that belongs to them for urban white-collar workers and creating the fashion that belongs to them. In the spring April day, into the free bird counter we not difficult to find, spring sunshine-like soft and elegant nude pink flooded with our eyes, bare pink soft and elegant, will clarify the clean air quality contrast. Complex city, elegant lily-like bloom.


Simple wild shirt, lace decorative collar and Puff Sleeve combination of elegant and sweet, precise positioning of the Slim cut, fit thin effect is excellent, with black pants, times OL OL capable temperament.

自由鸟裸粉色单品  柔和清雅似百合绽放

Bare pink design, so that you have a cool and refreshing summer feeling, high-end fabric shiny fashion sense, lace hollow tops ingenuity, highlighting the British fashion style!

自由鸟裸粉色单品  柔和清雅似百合绽放

Vintage Korean woven shirt, the fabric uses a British hollow pattern, Western and retro, crisp breathable fabric to wear full body texture, round neck design revealed the female clavicle line beauty.

The Anti-Uv Fabric is made of the common fabric after the latest UV-proof finishing. The shielding rate of the finished Anti-uv Fabric is ≥95%, which can effectively prevent the invasion and damage of the UV to the human body, and has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-irritating and washing resistance. The anti-uv fabric is non-toxic, safe to the human body, non-irritating to the skin, no allergic reaction, and has good moisture permeability.
Today's society pays more and more attention to the health of workers. Whether it is anti-static fabric or Flame Retardant Fabric, worker safety has become the core concern of many bosses.

Anti-uv Fabric

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