Xu Yuan: New fun is the fun of antiquities

Xu Yuan: New fun is the fun of antiquities Although the time of Jade into the territory can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty, it is not very expensive in the early days and the price is not high. It is not valued by the world. Until recently became one of the hot items. Xu Yuan, who specializes in jadeite jade items, has a deep understanding of this: “Jade is fired in the past decade. Many shopping malls now have jade counters, but they are mostly new for new workers.”

In Xu Yuan’s view, the new fun of antiquities is where the fun lies. Even the jewelry of Jade Jade ware mostly focuses on the Ming and Qing dynasties. The new jewellery in the mall is bright and glorious, but it is less rich than the ancient objects.

Xu Yuan’s Jade Xu Yuan introduced that the jade is high in hardness and close to 7 degrees, while jade is 6-6.5 degrees, so the crystal of jade is more clear.

In the interior light can see the vein texture similar to the flies, the ground and a variety of earthworms, mercury crucian color is also very particular about. Although Jadeite is classified as jadeite, it can be up to a dozen or more species. "The most common is the old pit type jadeite, also known as the old pit glass species, usually with a glass sheen. Its fine texture is pure and flawless, the color is pure, bright and rich emerald green; the old pit jadeite jadeite grain is very fine, Therefore, it is extremely difficult to see the "chui sex" with the naked eye; the old pit type jadeite is translucent and transparent under the irradiation of light, and is the top grade or the best in jadeite."

"Ice seed jade is characterized by a very good sheen on the surface of the outer layer, translucent to transparent, clear and ice-like, giving people a sense of ice and jade, sometimes in the light to see the flocculent material. Jade jade structure slightly thicker than the old pit glass species, gloss, transparency is also slightly lower than the old pit glass species and ice species are similar or equivalent. The color of red dragonfly appears bright red or orange-red, is the jadeite crystal formed after the formation of It is caused by the hematite dyeing. The good red glutinous rice is good in color, has a glass luster, is translucent, bright in color, and delicate in texture. Because the colors are auspicious and festive, people in China are also more interested in red peony.”

Jade and Jade are the most important items for Xu Yuan. Many jade wares will be personally raised. The so-called wearing of the Capricorn will cause the jade to change after full contact with the human body, resulting in different degrees of moisture. Of course, each person's physique is different, and the jade produced is also very different, but it will have its own atmosphere. Xu Yuan said that if it weren’t for cash flow, it wouldn’t sell its own jade.

In the collection of jade and jade miscellaneous items, the mainstream project is Wada Baiyu. Emerald has only been introduced since the Ming Dynasty Yongle. The tourmaline's tourmaline is also only about 500 years old in China. It is far less than the ancient jade artifact. The new jadeite production in the shopping mall is very beautiful, lacks a sense of culture, and the subject matter is relatively novel. "Most of them are modern subjects and they are machined. This is something I don't like very much. The objects I collect are the Ming and Qing dynasties. They are all hand-carved. They must be made of high-hardness tourbillons, and they are also extremely industrial. High requirements." Xu Yuan said that on the basis of the quantity of the world, a good jade card is relatively easy to find, but the jade is a relatively small amount of the world, and the original is less. Although the old jade is not widely recognized, its intrinsic value is quite potential. of.

From secret to circulation Xu Yuan’s preferences for jade and jadeite collections originate from the family’s influence. Mothers like to wear old jade and let her have the initial concept of the collection. In the 1990s, she worked in the new immigration city Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. In an open environment, she learned about the incomplete collection of inland markets. She is fascinated by the spiritual treasures she has acquired in her collection and has been subscribed to Collection since 1994, even if she has moved many times since then. In that year, he wrote articles for magazines by predecessor-level teachers and collectors. In the era when the Internet is not as popular as it is nowadays, Xu Yuan wrote letters to the magazine address book by leaving his address in full devotion. Ways to learn and communicate, start with basic learning. She recalled that her first contact with a teacher at Jiangxi Agricultural University not only learned the basic knowledge of many collections and appreciation, but also collected a large number of porcelain, jade and miscellaneous items in her hands.

Xu Yuan claimed that at the learning stage, "art crafts" had been bought as antiques, and now they had to be piled up at home. With the development of the network, their ability to appraise has also gradually improved. Xu Yuan said that even museum teachers are easy to buy new things, because every day is to see the museum's things, to get started feeling the practice and the theory of the book in the end is still not the same.

With the passage of time, the non-renewable resources of antiques have become less and less. Xu Yuan usually communicates with friends in her own circles. “Because the antiques cannot be copied, the exchanges between the peers are old goods and they can trust each other.” Even in the jadeite project, she also loves the old stuff and she is purely a personal one who has walked down the road of collections. Preferences. “Manual technology is actually the essence of antiques. Stones are old goods, but manual techniques are the foundation of the generation. Some collections may have good raw materials, but the process is not good, which is equivalent to the value of the original stone.” Xu Yuan said, craftsmen The skill is the embodiment of the emerald value. In the past, the craftsmen carved a piece of material at a time-consuming cost. Due to the hierarchical social system, the production of a small piece of rough stone has taken the life of a person and naturally produced a masterpiece of peerlessness.

Xu Yuan had worked in New Zealand for 5 years and has now immigrated. Through the experience of trading collections in overseas markets, she has contacted more people who love old things and also learned how to keep her collection healthy. At the earliest time, Xu Yuan was not willing to trade his own collection. In the end, it is clear that collectors can't just go in. They also learn to convert private collections into reciprocal collection exchanges and exchanges. “Regarding the regulation of foreign documents, with the exception of banned items such as **, rhinoceros horns and ancient bronze wares, collections from the late Qing dynasty to the period of ** were allowed to be traded. Jade ware and jadeite were not restricted. "Xu Yuan said that many of her collections are returned in this way. A medium-term carving meticulously "more than a year," the red dragonfly pendant is bought from Hong Kong.

On the road to collection, Xu Yuan admitted that he had gone smoothly. Because of her approval and love for the collection, she is willing to buy at a high price, so she can win more opportunities. Xu Yuan said that this attitude should actually be a collection of mentality: appreciation for the first, do not eager for quick results. "An antique cannot have too utilitarian thinking. If you are willing to pay, you will naturally have a harvest."

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