YCMD Ying Caidi casual wear spring 2013 new series with release!

Golden Snake spring, spring, marching happy beat in early spring, fashion people have long been replaced by a colorful spring. New Year begins, changing clothes, so that they stand out. In the spring of 2013, YCMD made extensive use of rich colors to express YCMD's spring, bright blue and pure soft colors. Cherry, orange and lemon yellow formed a warm color series. Fresh mint green and lake sky blue Into the cold color together. In the new year, we will work together with distributors all over the country to work together to create a beautiful future of YCMD. We will make breakthroughs and continue building China's first European leisure brand. 2013 national investment, has started!

The start of making women's indoor slippers is that, our clients who want sheepskin slippers also want something much cheaper but still keep good looking and shape.

However, we found most of women's indoor slippers factory make the paper patterns of the slippers without a last! That's way the shape not that good. So our developing team start to make our own women's indoor slippers. Each indoor slipper, we still use traditional way, make the paper patterns based on the shoe last, then make trying samples, adjust, remake etc till it has a goods shape.

We hope our clients , end customers, could wearing a pair of beautiful cosy indoor slippers at home.

Women's Indoor Slipper

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