Wei Si Man women's Spring Festival abandoned her boyfriend and girlfriends out of the street

" Wei Si Man " women's brand has always been for life, the pursuit of fashion design and production of urban women's most tasteful apparel, the first store opened in 1998 in Zhuhai, China. Today, Wei Siman has hundreds of large concept stores, began to engage in brand research and development, retail, brand promotion, production, sales network covering 20 provinces and municipalities. We follow the pace of fashion in the world, the products are favored by urban women.


Classic Check whether large or small area appears in the Look, always give people a very elegant style of ladies, the workplace lady choose commuter equipment excellent choice Oh.

威丝曼女装 春节抛弃男友和闺蜜出街吧

Beige is a symbol of mature intellectual, whether it is accompanied by the design of the hair or leopard with a single product, have worn out to the IN workplace style.

威丝曼女装 春节抛弃男友和闺蜜出街吧

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