Do you really use hand sanitizer?

It has been recognized that washing hands is not a trivial matter. It is related to our physical health and plays an extremely important role in preventing diseases. Therefore, we must adhere to "washing hands" as a good health habit. However, experts have warned that the quality of hand-washed liquids currently on the market is mixed. Consumers must see if they have a sterilization mark when purchasing hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer is divided into two categories, one is ordinary hand sanitizer and the other is disinfection product. The former acts as a cleaning and decontaminating agent, and the latter contains an active ingredient that is antibacterial, bacteriostatic or bactericidal. There are two types of hand sanitizers on the outer packaging. The general hand sanitizer is generally “pre-typed”, and the disinfecting hand sanitizer is mostly “disappearing number”. Hand soap is generally free of phosphorus, aluminum, alkali, sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate and other ingredients, using the principle of mild decontamination, easy to be accepted by the skin.

Wash your hands with hand sanitizer. Wet your hands thoroughly with clean water, and apply proper amount of hand sanitizer to your hands for at least 30 seconds. In this process, pay attention to your fingertips, finger joints, and allow foam to cover all parts of the hand.

Rinse with running water after licking. Finally, pay attention to dry with a clean dry towel or paper towel, it is best not to dry, because the rapid evaporation of surface water will cause partial loss of water, causing the skin to dry and become rough.

Nowadays, many hand-washing liquids are provided in the restrooms of public places such as restaurants, shopping malls, toilets, etc., which is convenient for people to ask: Can these free hand sanitizers hurt the skin? In fact, even the small bottled hand sanitizer purchased at home There may also be quality problems such as excessive bacteria and poor emulsifying effect. At present, China has not issued national or industrial standards for the production and testing of hand sanitizer products.

Before the official standard has been introduced, the standard of hand sanitizer is to establish the enterprise standard by each production enterprise, and after the local standardization administrative department has filed the record, it will be used as the basis for production and sales. Since this corporate standard is not mandatory and universal, the quality of hand sanitizer depends entirely on the rigor of the “self-request” of the manufacturer.

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing hand sanitizer:

1, to the formal shopping malls to buy, regular shopping malls purchase channels are relatively stable, there are more stringent purchase control system.

2. Observe whether the packaging is intact, whether the writing on the packaging bottle is clear, and whether the pump head is strong. Generally, the hand sanitizer is discharged through the squeeze pump head. If the package quality is poor, the liquid will not be discharged or leaked during use, causing inconvenience and waste.

3, see if the logo is complete, if there is no factory name, site, etc., pay special attention to whether there is a standard number. Although there is no uniform national standard for hand sanitizer, the state does not allow non-standard production. Therefore, each production enterprise must formulate enterprise standards and indicate the enterprise standard number on the packaging to ensure product quality.

4, pay attention to the contents of the hand sanitizer itself, smell it with no smell, pungent and other odor. If it is, it may be due to the expiration date or the use of prohibited materials, it is best not to buy and use. Also observe whether there is stratification or oil-water separation. If it is, it indicates that the emulsification process is not well controlled during the production process, which will affect the washing effect.

Remind that the disinfectant function of hand sanitizer is not as good as soap. Therefore, when using hand sanitizer, it is best to rub your hands for more than 30 seconds and rinse with running water for at least 15 seconds.

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