Lovri Lively fashion down jacket filled with always fascinating charm of power

Lovy Lively woman world, is a spiritual and spiritual journey of wisdom, endless taste, endless aftertaste. They are suitable for 20-45-year-old intellectual and beauty-loving woman, both beauty and wisdom, mature and see the experience of the calendar, everywhere blooming their more delicate and elegant and beautiful, and can more clearly touch the true truth of fashion life, Set elegant, romantic, lively, sexy, yet innocent and lovely little affection in one, filled with fascinating charm has always been fascinating.


Warm orange and black heart machine with an instant moment to lock in the upper body, short version of the type of stretch up and down the proportion of easily avoid certain body defects. Full collar gentle care of the neck, the hem extends open fork design handsome and stylish.

洛芙丽Lively时尚羽绒服  充盈着始终引人入胜的魅惑力量

Bright ginger and gray with the formation of a warm winter in the cold winter, beautiful scenery, double collar design + long section hit color mosaic shirt, to enhance the overall sense of hierarchy and visual effects.

Felt Insert Decoration

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