Design leading the fashion Islay to pay tribute to the fashion

At the beginning of the new year, the Islay reported to the public that many kinds of new products launched in 2012 made great sales and the sales in the market rose steadily, laying confidence in the future development. Among them, the 2012 new listing of three-dimensional collar quilted short ERAL2033B, modern waist buckle flying squirrel pants AFB1016, Houndstooth fashion short ERAL2005B, stars hooded coat ERAL6002B and other styles received by consumers, individual styles have been refreshed single single Sales record, becoming the best-selling single product. Yi Lai Yi, a down jacket market in China riding fifteen years of fashion brand, since the birth of repeated success, especially in 2012 the new best-selling down jacket and consumer recognition. Someone would like to say: "competition in the apparel market has been heated up, and how Islay can stand out in the market?" Insider analysis Islay has been able to make such a success, mainly from its design and quality of hard-line management. Islet fashion design to lead the fashion show As we all know, the first homogenization of the down jacket market is very serious, as warm winter clothing is good, but wearing the body like dumplings, the image is indeed flattered aesthetic aspect. Islay after the birth of the concept of fashion down jacket put the down jacket into the ranks of fashion. In the design, Islay hire experienced designers, according to the forefront of fashion trends and fashion style design for the new style down jacket; also made improvements in raw materials, using self-developed fabrics and imported advanced fabrics, filled with more than 90% White duck down, so that down jacket looks stylish, lightweight, soft; In addition, Ai Laiyi using original lock technology to solve the shortcomings down jacket down. A change down jacket bloated face, and other brands down jacket quickly opened the distance. Islay in the product design and process innovation, but also to Islay fast rise in the field of down jackets, fashion, light, warm down jacket market will be popular on the market, but also become the industry players to follow suit, creating a precedent for fashion down jacket. In recent years, Ai Lai Yi put forward the "pay tribute to the fashion" concept of the product, to better interpret the Islay clothing fashion characteristics. And Islay also continue to force in the design field, adhere to innovation, become the creator and leader of the trend. Not long ago, CCTV "Fashion China" hit, and once again the fashion industry's leading program to become fashion's most popular fashion show, as the exclusive title of Islay also was invited to release the 2013 fashion trends, Program authority and fashion trends by professionals in the praise and respected, in such an authoritative fashion program platform release future trends, highlighted Islay fashion down jacket industry leadership. Quality-driven market innovation to win praise Design is to give people the feeling of the outside, the quality of the inner feelings. If the clothes produced only appearance is good, and ultimately will be abandoned by the market, Islay according to people understand this point, the quality control of the product consistently. "The quality can not let a company prosper, but it can make a loss for all." Ai Laiyi Chairman Chen frequency said. "Striving for excellence, ending with perfection" is the entrepreneurial spirit engraved on the wall of the production workshop at the time of the establishment of Islay. Ai Laiyi adhering to this entrepreneurial spirit, the company continued to invest in technological innovation, the original locker technology is only one of the other with the intellectual property of technological innovation is numerous. After years of hard work, Islay has successively won such honors as "China Top Brand Products" and "Famous Trademark of Zhejiang Province". These honors are the recognition of the products by the state and the industry. In recent years, the sales have maintained the momentum of sustained growth and the market Recognition of its quality. To lead the fashion design, quality-driven market, the same boat for 15 years, Islay will, as always, "to feel the life and design," fashion life with "Ai" go hand in hand! Nowadays, Ai Laiyi in the quality and design to achieve strategic achievements at the same time, start the brand operation, including CCTV, "Fashion China", including multi-file fashion shows, marketing combination punches, a better interpretation of Islay as a leading brand of fashion down jacket market status.

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