Wearing a wig is really fashionable

Star watch show comments: Carina Lau "Although I always like short hair, but occasionally change the shape of a long hair, I feel great." Comments: Carina Lau wearing reddish-brown hair that night, with a ponytail girl's hairstyle, successfully reached age Effect. Liu Shishi "wearing a wig , the most important thing is that it looks very real. I really want to dye hair in life, but the reason for the work, it is difficult to have a chance to achieve. But this wig will help me achieve this wish." Comments: Liu Shishi first tried Rebellious

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The best way to dress up the holidays is to create a sense of contrast and let your friends who are familiar with you immediately look at you.

At this time, the wig will come in handy. On weekdays, if you are a long-haired lady, this time you should pick up the short hair of your personality and appear as a handsome fake kid. If it is straight hair of broth noodles, you may wish to come to a retro golden wave, which is transformed into a pretty girl from the 1960s.

Not long ago, at the wig brand REBECCA 2013 hair trend conference, dozens of wigs were really amazing. There are fluffy curls like marshmallows, and there are also fascinating straight hair like rainbows. There are also creative hairstyles that incorporate trend elements such as lasers, shells, pearls, etc. This is really easy to do.

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Lao Fengxiang million brides perfect ending

On December 23 last year, the Lao Fengxiang Million Bride Annual Fashion Grand Prix final was held in Hangzhou . Eight pairs of contestants decided the final winners through the on-site talent show and game competition. The top three won a 250,000 knot wedding package with Lao Fengxiang 70 points diamond ring, and the winner won a 50,000 yuan wedding package with Lao Fengxiang's 10,000 yuan diamond pendant. It is reported that the "Million Bride" activity created by Lao Fengxiang and the 19th floor is mainly creative and romantic. At the beginning of the line, it was enthusiastically sought after by netizens, and the number of applicants exceeded 700. (Zhu Mei)

The first batch of “Top Ten Plateners” in the province was freshly released

A piece of clothing is not beautiful, it is the ability of the designer; but a piece of clothing is uncomfortable to wear, and the test is the work of the plate maker. Last Saturday, the first “Top Ten Plateners” competition in the province was held at Hangzhou Vocational and Technical College. After two days of written test and on-site skill operation, 60 plate makers from various garment companies, design studios and other related industry units competed, and finally 10 people stood out and won the title of “Top Ten Plateners”. On behalf of Zhejiang Province, participated in the National Platemaster Competition in mid-March this year. (Zhu Mei)

"Love in Hangzhou" fashion tour

Awarded multiple love-related awards

Hangzhou has always been passionate about romance, and activities related to love are endless. Recently, a "Love in Hangzhou" fashion awards ceremony was held in the Sands International Life Plaza. In March last year, a series of love and cultural theme activities, including wedding photography, wedding design, styling design, lovers' design, love micro-speaking, love micro-photography, etc., lasted for half a year after the excitement, on the same day, presented the most on the scene. Wonderful, essential part. (Zhu Mei)

Hangzhou campus singer interprets "most WoStyle"

Remember the passion of your university that year? Going to the scene to feel the enthusiasm of the students for the selection of university campus singers, you can feel infinitely. Recently, the Happy New Star Hangzhou Campus Singer Competition jointly sponsored by the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Hangzhou Branch of China United Network Communications Co., Ltd. was held in Xiasha Higher Education Park. On the evening, singer Chen Hua and local TV host Zuo Yan served as judges. The participating students performed live songs such as "Wang Wei", "The First Experience of Love" and "I am a Little Bird". (Zhu Mei)

Lenovo hosts a Yoga theme party

On December 22 last year, the theme party of "Yoga Flip the Day Captain Takes You" held by Lenovo Zhejiang Region was held at the Old Captain's Bar in Hangzhou. Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 is the star of the night, it is equipped with the third-generation Intel Core i5/i7 processor, the body is only 1.5Kg, but has 8 hours of battery life. The most dazzling is its 360-degree screen flip, which brings four modes of use: notebook, tablet , stand, and tent. Yoga's cross-border design also indicates that the Lenovo brand and fashion are more closely integrated. (Zhu Hongxin)

Christmas Eve, push down the ice wall

On the evening of December 24 last year, a huge ice wall with a thickness of more than half a meter and a height of one person was erected on the square of the Hangzhou Department Store. It was adorned with a red ribbon into a Christmas gift box. There are a lot of dolls frozen in the ice wall - this STONE doll is a limited edition mascot of JASONWOOD, designed as a otaku image, and was frozen because it fell in love with the "Medusa" doll SASA. If the passerby smashes the ice wall in any way, he can “save” and get the STONE doll inside. In addition to the ten small hammers provided by the organizers, there were even people who took out the electric drills... But in the end, under the thunder of cheers, everyone still successfully completed the task by pushing the ice wall by hand.


 1.Usage:Christmas Home Decroration,Christmas Tree Ornament


 2.Characteristic:Glittering And Transluent


 3.Material:High Boron Silicon Glass,Metal


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Details Introduction:

       Carefully Made â€“ Flawless glass baubles, each perfectly formed with a small hanging loop. The metal clip can be easily removed so that the heart can then be filled with.


  • ORNAMENTS FOR CHRISTMAS TREE: Hand crafted in age-old tradition with techniques that orginated in the 1800s
  • CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: Molten glass is mouth-blown into finely carved molds
  • UNIQUE GIFTS: Ornaments are all hand-painted and glittered in a series of labor-intensive steps to achieve the beautiful creations
  • GLISTENING CANDY COIL SNOWMAN ORNAMENT: Traditionally designed, hand-crafted ornaments

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snow man

Glass Christmas Tree Topper Ornament

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