Kang Luini 2012 autumn and winter new three series highlights analysis

Long-awaited, still half-covered. Kang Luini 2012 autumn and winter highlights of new products, mainly reflected in the product pattern, style design and lead the trend. Among them, the warm clothes with exquisite embroidery, beautiful hot silver, charming printing and flocking applications, from a different perspective highlights the health fashion and the pursuit of taste characteristics. The underwear and the "fashion Leopard", "sexy lace" "Pink Classic" three major series as the main push products.


"Fashion Leopard" - Simple and unique leopard mesh design, from the inside out of the wild beauty, this series bras and sexy interpretation of the noble right, so that women get rid of the shadow of Cinderella, highlighting Independence and self-confidence, it is commendable that this series of leopard water bag bra, with a massage chest, gathers and on the care effects, elegant yet yet charming, simple reveals a generous, beautiful you can never miss!


"Sexy Lace" - hidden delicate floral pattern is the biggest feature of this, faintly can see the pattern of flowers, the cup-shaped, very close to the skin color with lace, people reverie forgotten , A little fragrance of jasmine also exudes the taste of the most primitive Shimono, innocence, such as first love, like a friend to be carefully optimistic!


"Pink Classic" - many female friends have always been the feelings of "eyes flashing autumn, puff dandy Britain, cheek flying Hongxia, beauty Yan Diao Chan"; "red" color has always been China's folk classical color is Festive colors, this series of bras, embodies the noble and elegant wearer pursuit of taste, unique style, with the Queen and the princess classic style; bra smooth and comfortable interior surface, materials, comfortable and stylish, warm and healthy.

Every year, the homeware has always been one of the best products of Kanglunyi, and this year is no exception. The simple and casual design and the pretty motif reveal the healthy and stylish brand characteristics of Kanglunni. The rich details deal with the humanistic concern of Kanglunni. Unique neckline design reveals a woman's well-behaved and quiet, charming vivid, elegant and confident. Warm and comfortable fabric, warm and cold, the texture is very delicate, the skin feel extremely comfortable, suitable for any skin type, a higher wicking effect and breathability. I believe this year's home service will allow consumers to spend a warm autumn and winter.

Fashion, romance, warm throughout this year, the main line of Kang Luini new autumn and winter. Kang Lu-ni are high-quality products, first-class services, reasonable prices to meet the test of autumn and winter market!

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