REDKINDER Kelly children's clothing to maintain their own unique style

Zhongshan Qile Clothing Co., Ltd. is a set of design, development, production, management "REDKINDER" (Qile Mile) brand-based, supplemented by the operation of various types of children's accessories, toys and even supplemented enterprises. Chain to the chain for the business model to "REDKINDER" as the core brand to Europe and the United States popular style-oriented, with high-end environmental protection, healthy fabrics, maintain its own unique style. Bingzhuo high-quality, high-positioning, serving the working-class consumer class; reasonable price positioning, reliable quality assurance, and improve after-sales service, comfortable and lively shopping environment for the purpose of serving a scientific management and efficient operation of the In the same industry to win the competition. The company has a capable, united, efficient and professional management team, more than 90% have a college education and senior professional titles. And a modern enterprise management system, as the mainstay of development. Today, the courageous people who pioneer and innovate are excited to stand on the forefront of the new century. At the same time, but also look forward to your enthusiasm to join, let us join hands to the apparel industry and then tree a beautiful landscape.

* The Alphabet Letter Beads are so sweet :)
* It can be threaded onto cord, hemp twine and made into bracelets and necklaces.
* Beads can be used for:

-Jewelry making
-Boutonnière/ Bouquet jewelry
-Kawaii collections
-Whatever your imagination wants it to be!

Acrylic Alphabet Letter & Number Beads-YR

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