Song Lixi women's interpretation of urban women's eternal personality unique personality

Song Li think , from the romantic French Champs Elysees, the pursuit of independence and elegance. For confident, independent, intelligent and wise urban women shaping the combination of tradition and modern elegance and image.

歌力思 - Ellassay

As the leading brand of high-end fashion in China, GALAXY has always been targeting the women's brands in the world. The brand by Yves Saint Laurent 12 years product development director, the international top fashion designer JEAN PAUL KNOTT as design consultant, Song Liesi clothing has a slender silhouette modeling, research detail processing, soft color matching and special imported fabrics, timeless Interpretation of the modern city women elegant and subtle, gentle and graceful unique personality.

歌力思女装  永恒演绎都市女性的独特个性

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