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Underwear is the second skin of women, always to the most beautiful woman's breast care, choose the most suitable for a woman's underwear, it is particularly important. So, how to choose the one most suitable for your underwear? Han Lier believes that the election of underwear, we must understand their own chest type, choose underwear on their own terms.

1, flat, spread, spilled chest

Chest flat, spread, spill there are many reasons, in addition to congenital factors, some because of a long time not wearing bras, such as many women think winter clothes thick, do not wear wearing bra does not matter, thus causing your chest No support points, resulting in arbitrary walking the chest, resulting in chest spill. Like the above three kinds of women, please use the centralized bra, which is 3/4 cup bra, it can bring out the chest straight curve.

2, sagging chest

Chest ptosis is often due to higher chest, but breast muscle relaxation caused by, or fear of chest compression, comfort and not wearing bra, so prone to chest sagging.

If you want to overcome these shortcomings and redress, first of all you have to choose a bra larger than usual, and try to use the steel ring and side bras with enhanced features, to strengthen the background from bottom to top support, but to consider , The width of the shoulder strap can be satisfactorily consistent with the weight entrusted, so that the position of the breast increased, and should pay attention to the breast full filling cup, you can choose full cup bra, because only full cup bra, have the ability to Your drooping chest sets off.


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3, plump chest

Thin elastic fabric, not only comfortable body, but not significant cumbersome, so plump body shape with a modern style.

Plump type is best not to choose pure cotton underwear, because although the cotton has the advantages of absorbent, breathable, but for fullness, it is easy to cause bloated, conservative adverse effects.

Busty lady is best not to choose the padded padded underwear and underpants, strong girdle not only does not benefit the shape, but gives a heavy sense of making. Breast cup best choice deep cup, such as 3 / 4,4 / 4 type, wide straps, plus steel care, is conducive to breast shape.

4, petite chest

Chest petite it is innate type, but you can use the functional bra to make up, usually their own attention to wear the right, do not think your chest is too small, you can not wear bra or wear a tight bra.

For women with petite breasts, there are many breast enhancement styles on the market for you to choose from, such as a massage type micro-element non-woven bra that promotes blood circulation and has a role in breast enhancement.

In addition, you can choose to stereotype bra cups, they are more suitable for petite boobs women.

Han Lier reminds you if the breast has a significant effect, then change the larger bra.

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