Moon rabbit baby clothing is about to participate in the 2012 pregnant baby show

November 2012, Beijing is pregnant baby exhibition will be held as scheduled. Shenzhen Minghui Fashion Co., Ltd. will bring le Top and Moon Rabbit brands to this exhibition. Founded in 1978, le Top has a 33-year history. Headquartered in California, USA - a sunny place. Just as a baby grows up and requires careful nurturing and care, our product design and development are also based on innocence and playfulness, and are carefully crafted to make the children who use the product feel the joy of growing up.

Sticky Note with another name Memo pads ,Sticky Note Cube ,Sticker notepad ,Want to leave a message for someone when he or she is out? Need something obvious to remind you when to return the books to library? You need these portable and useful sticky notes on your desk, or wherever you need. It can be with different colors ,different shapes ,different sheets .We also can do all the designs and size of Sticky Note according the artwork .

Sticky Note

Sticky Note,Sticky Note Cube,Sticky Note Cube With Pen,Sticky Notepad

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