Tilrena brand women's autumn and winter 2012 new listing

Tilrena brand women's autumn and winter 2012 new listing! Full texture of fabrics, simple and smooth lines and balanced symmetry of the combination of cutting, the perfect capture of contemporary femininity. Pink texture nude color, very visual impact of pink and violet and gray, black, white, purple and other urban colors, composed of the main color Tilrena autumn and winter.


Tilina adhering to the Japanese European-style Shanghai style positioning, choose a low-key weak style, which is both a brand of stylized strategy, but also an anti-style strategy. Ti Leina this introverted style of fashion, reflecting an introverted, impression, narrative, do not add extra decoration brand style.


The design of "Ti Reina" comes from the personal understanding of the urban lifestyle, respecting the individual characteristics, and designing the brand concept with the original and potential personality charm of the wearer.

"Ti Reina" has been created to the same goal: presents a unique, free, pure clothing status and attitude to life.

"Ti Reina" means modest simplicity, a redefinition of the individual woman, and a modern concept of dress for women.


Tilrena "is located between 28 and 35 years old, suitable for confident and independent urban women, whose fabrics are made of high-class fabrics from Europe and Japan, the designers use the stereoscopic cutting design method, using women's inner beauty and temperament Features With the latest fashion trends, designed to wear comfortable, stylish, tasteful products.

"Ti Reina" clothing suitable for work and study, friends gatherings, evening entertainment, leisure life and other relaxing occasions.

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