Small hundred Hang fashion children's health with the growth of the world

The downturn of the economy in 2012 still can not stop the pace of domestic and foreign brands into the field of children's wear. Consumer demand for children's clothing is no longer simply the basic dress needs, but pay more attention to higher quality demands of safety, health and comfort, as the only one after 80 and even after 90 gradually married, Chinese families will form 4 + 2 +1 mode (that is, grandparents and grandparents and mom and dad 6 individuals raise a child's situation) This part of the crowd will become the main force in the children's wear consumer market, the consumer groups will be more pursuit of fashion and healthy brand children's clothing, for the current China's children's clothing development status quo, who can grasp the needs of this emerging population, who will become a grasp of wealth. Zhejiang Snow Fanni Garments Co., Ltd. through in-depth study of the children's wear market at home and abroad, accurate grasp of the children's wear market in the future development of the direction, in 2011 the introduction of the Korean fashion children's clothing brand - Xiao Baiheng, a rooted in South Korea's children's wear brand, mainly for 3-year-old-12-year-old children's daily wear needs, health, environmental protection, fashion, comfort for the brand appeal. According to the person in charge of brand introduction, small children's clothing take the meaning of all things accessible to the world with the happy and healthy growth as a child, is committed to creating a world-class fashion children's clothing brand, mainly for children's full range of products and services, such as clothing, shoes Categories and accessories, etc., and through careful selection, education, etc., so that the terminal shopping guide partners to become children's wardrobe consultants. Small hundred children's clothing combined with brand elements, brand background and industry characteristics, to close to the lifestyle, child-friendly comfort for the brand personality, noble, classic, fashion brand style. Mainly for the emphasis on dress quality, focus on quality of life, pay attention to individuality, chasing fashion trends, do not want too popular urban middle class and above consumer groups. Children relate to the future of family and the motherland, so Xiaobai Heng children's clothing in the fabric selection, safety and environmental protection as the first concept; version of the model details, by a senior version of the teacher combined with the Chinese children under strict control, product quality From the fabric testing, production processes, such as clothing inspection up to dozens of control procedures to ensure that each product can bring consumers a healthy, stylish and comfortable experience. Zhejiang Snow Fanni Garments Co., Ltd., as the sole agent of Kobayashi Children's Wear in China, fully draws on its successful position in the high-end children's wear market in Korea and borrows the design power of South Korea to develop more than 1,000 products every year for product development. Domestic consumer choice. In the marketing model continue to break the traditional brand operating practices to professional and efficient team spirit of "Let every franchisee make money is our greatest wish," a principle of service, so that children really love the cause of small Baiheng business partners profit. Xiao Bai Heng children wear only one thing: pay close attention to and care for children's growth, for their happy growth a modest. Now join the cause in China has been fully launched, "Tong Era to win the future" Xiaobaiheng children's clothing 2013 summer new conference and brand strategy summit will be September 7, 2012 -9 in Wenzhou solemnly held. In 2012, Xiao Bai Heng children's clothing ready, deep plowing will be the basis for future success, but also the cornerstone of the win-win partnership.

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