Cowboys, walking at sea - K cool cowboy swim in advance

In just over two months time, K Cool Cowboy Xiamen operations center has strongly introduced more than 80 kinds of "summer style cowboy" products. April 24, K cool cowboy fashion people wear their own summer cowboy, came to the scenic area Gulangyu, to accompany jeans to experience the cool and comfortable, fashionable trendy sea cowboy feast! Travel, shooting, looking for their own piece of sky ...... Gulangyu formerly round sand Island, round Chau Tsai, due to the sea southwest of the sea caves by the impact of the wave, such as drum sound, the Ming Dynasty Yahua for the present. Due to historical reasons, buildings of different styles in China and abroad are well gathered and reserved here, which is called "World Architecture Expo". Island is fertile land of music, talented people, the piano has the highest density in the country, but also the reputation of "Piano Island", "hometown of music." The island's climate is pleasant, all seasons such as spring, car-free noise, flowers and birds, known as "Sea Garden" reputation. The main tourist attractions include Sunlight Rock, Shuzhuang Garden, Haoyue Garden, Yu Garden, Huandao Road, Gulang Stone, Museum, Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall, Underwater World and Natural Beach, Haitian Church and so on, integrating history, culture and natural landscape into one It is one of the 35 famous scenic spots in the country and one of the top ten scenic spots in Fujian Province. A man walking on the beach, the sea gave you a broad arm, Yuan Wang water and water phase, you will be the son of the sea? "From tomorrow on, I will be a happy man, feeding horses, chopping wood and traveling around the world.From tomorrow, I care about food and vegetables.I have a house facing the sea and the spring is blooming ...." This spring, the cowboy Noisy to step out. are you ready? Thick green, shed plumes of sunshine. Spring is coming, can summer be far behind? In this season where everything is possible, K Cool Cowboy presents a gift that you always emphasize on quality! 2012 "summer style cowboy" one of the classic denim products. Sea color, moderate water, small speakers low waist version, wear white to do the old, fashion wild. Sunset in the spring sun at the moment, staring at the sea, the sea flapping waves shining white flowers. Through dark sunglasses, passing hidden hidden emotions. Wear white jeans to go out for a long time has always been my dream! In this gray tone nature background, I can not help but smiled at the sky, the sea dead silence. A cowboy, a T-shirt, a sunglasses, travel, do not need too much stuff. Beautiful scenery, hard to remember. Along the way, with its companion has been enough! Five points jeans, white wash water to do the old craft, the classic version, with your refreshing summer!

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