Dadi tick: fight for China's famous brand, intentions to do children's clothing

"In the ancient Green Fairytale kingdom, there was a clever little bear called" Dazi Dafa ", wherever it went, it would give children laughter and joy ..." Quanzhou Green Group, founded in 1992, "Dadi Daz" already well-known, such as sales of nearly 1 billion yuan this year. Talking about the development of these years, Zhao Jianhe, the chairman of the group, briefly summarized: "We made our children's clothes with our hearts carefully." Winning In the course of conducting and training the "battle teams" in an interview, Zhao Jianhe played a video featuring a self-directed program, As he watched, he jumped up and was energetic. Video is held in the group's "National Tour Training Conference" recorded, Zhao Jianhe and employees and distributors, training together, singing and dancing. Such training activities are organized around the agents, distributors, store managers and branch office personnel, militarized management, innovative thinking, enlightenment, imparting scientific business knowledge, warm feelings ... ... a series of Of the training has achieved very good results, greatly stimulated the implementation of the tick-terminal team to create a highly combatable terminal team will be the best of the advantages of the tick-da brand, the realization of the terminal and the brand The win-win situation, which is the group last year from continuing training activities to this year, the theme of "win in the implementation of"! Last year, on November 16 last year, after the training seminar was started in Hefei, Anhui Province, the training was carried out in five regions of Shandong, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Chongqing and Hunan. This year, it continued to be conducted nationwide in full swing and became an important part of the Group's work. "By now, we have trained in 14 provinces and cities and benefited more distributors and partners. These scientific and systematic training have greatly enhanced the terminal's fighting power." Ticking: the initiative to make children's clothing transition, creating a "Chinese famous brand" As we all know, Green originally made the main foreign trade, but Zhao Jianhe very early intervention in the domestic market, take the initiative to create the brand in recent years, "Dadi Dada" children's clothing in the domestic market rapidly development of. In 2009, Dazi Launched the brand culture orientation of "Storytelling Children's Wear", when the sales growth in the domestic market reached 80%. Daddy explores the characteristics of children like the story, the introduction of "storytelling children's clothing" brand positioning, the introduction of eight episodes each year animated cartoons and "Star of the story trials" across the country, so that children have the opportunity to stand on the stage storytelling, Listen to the story under the stage, enjoy the story to give them a happy childhood. It is with the awareness of active restructuring, the entire foreign trade sector began to export in 2008 from the deteriorating situation, the Green Group is still rapid development. In 2004, the ratio of Green Products trade to domestic sales was 8: 2. At that time, there were still few stores, all concentrated in big cities. In the following years, the number of sales expanded rapidly. In particular, the number of specialty stores also increased to more than 2,000. Today, the ratio of Green Products' foreign trade to domestic sales has become 2:8. On October 20, 2011, the official website of China National Garment Association released the final list of the domestic children's clothing order in 2010, with Gree Group ranked fourth. In fact, as early as 2007, Green Group and da Dada brand boarded the "China Top Ten children's clothing brand" honorary list, and now always occupy the "Top Ten" list. Self-built base, strict product quality Since Green Group started out as a foreign trade, da-da brand since its inception has been attached great importance to product quality, apparel fabrics through eco-textile certification, product positioning "fashion, environmental protection," 2009, the company together Spain design team, so that the design of children's wear with ticking and international standards. Green Group has ranked among the top 100 Chinese clothing double hundred enterprises for seven consecutive years and won the honors of China Top Brand, National Export Inspection, National Inspection-free Product and China Top Ten Children's Wear Brand. "A lot of Green Group's orders are given to the enterprises in the region, but quality often does not pass the issue. Therefore, we eventually decided to build our own production base and strictly control quality." Zhao Jianhe said that the company's production base in Daejeon is now Take shape, workers reach thousands. In 2010, Green set up a large-scale production base in Daejeon. The establishment of a "mom workshop" enabled Greene to establish a good reputation in the area. "This has triggered good results. Over 70% of new employees in Daejeon are skilled workers this year, and everyone knows that Green's management contains love," said Zhao Jianhe. Zhao Jianhe said that in order to ensure the continued stability of the tick-ticking product quality, in addition to the Daejeon production base, the Group also plans to set up a factory in the central region to further increase the independent production of tick-tick products. "This year, we will focus on the terminal training, counseling, improve single-store profit margins, on the other hand will further open up the market." Zhao Jianhe said that in Europe and the Middle East and other overseas regions, the company has also opened a children's clothing brand Store. Through the layout of overseas companies gain more market share.

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