Sales rules refracted in ordinary matters

[China Glass Network] 1. See the style in detail, please pay attention to your personal character.

A friend from a township came back to Chengdu to start a business. He didn't find a good project to go to his friend's advertising company to invest a little money. It was also a small shareholder. I ate that day and talked about it. I said that I have it here. The business can be done for you, let your salesman come over and talk to me.

On Monday, the salesman came and brought some information. I was not sure at the time, so I sent him away first.

Later, this guy never came again, and did not take the initiative to call me to ask about my situation here. For my friend's sake, I called him several times to ask for some content, price, planning, etc. So I found an interesting thing. Every time I called, he always hangs up for me, then I use my landline to give me back. Three times and five times, I angryly dropped him PK, and at the same time also put The business of this advertising company invested by a friend is PK. I can't damage the company's interests because of personal feelings.

From here I can see the reasons why this salesman failed:

1. The work is not active and there is no effective tracking of the customers;

2. Work lazily, often sitting in the office and waiting for business instead of going out to actively develop business;

3. Greed for small and cheap, a few cents of money connected to the phone are all distressed, and the idea of ​​calling the company's official phone, the character has problems.

This salesman represents their company. Under the performance that makes me feel bad, their business has also been eliminated by me. I believe that it is a matter of time before this salesman is eliminated.

2. Doing a good job in your job is only qualified, and doing a good job is

I remember that in the summer, the sales staff returned to the company to come to the meeting. Most of the time they were outside to take the market for the company. It was very hard, so I will take them to a hot pot restaurant to eat them.

Sit down, as usual, there is a beer promotion lady to sell beer.

I said that I don’t want to wait for the time, so let’s take the dish and say it. So, the lady walked away unhappy.

I found that our table was shaking and the ground was not level, so I quickly slammed the promotion lady just now and asked her to find something for us to keep the table steady. Don't shake it. The promotion lady didn't let her open. Wine, I ignored it and walked away.

I didn't do this thing, nor did I respond to the waiters in the store. So I grabbed a toilet paper and squatted on the ground to get it myself.

I am ready to eat, I want to drink. At this time, I am not satisfied with my heart, I will not drink the beer recommended by the promotion lady, I ran to the bar, asked the boss inside what beer, and answered the snowman in addition to the promotion lady. There is also a mountain city beer outside the beer. Snowflake 3 yuan / bottle. Mountain City 4 yuan / bottle.

Come to a mountain city. To be frozen.

At that time, the boss was very surprised, because the mountain city was basically unable to sell at them, so it was only placed there, and even a few bottles of frozen need to be frozen for us immediately. He said that the snowflake is cheaper and there is a promotion lady to promote. Why do you still have to choose to drink the mountain city?

I said, I am happy. I will not drink snowflakes.

Missing the Miss Snowflake next to me. Haha~~

Just want to sell your products to the salesman of the consumer, the performance will be bad!

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